Versace Watches For Men (My 8 Best Amazon Options)

When I’m looking for the best Versace watches for men on the market, I always make sure I ask myself these questions:

  • Does it have dual time?
  • Is it water resistant?
  • Does it have a clasp design?
  • What’s the diameter of the watch face?

Gianni Versace made a splash in the world of fashion design, with the brand continuing to go from strength to strength in the years following his untimely death.

If you’re going to spend money on a Versace watch, you want to be sure it’s genuine, and that you’re getting something that truly looks good for you.

When you’re spending that much, you need to be sure you decide on the right watch at the start.

Well, don’t worry, because I can share my experience with you to help guide you toward the best watches for your requirements.

Check below to discover my eight top picks for a men’s Versace watch.

Versace Watches Men (My Go-To Pick)

Versace V-Race Diver Watch

A watch is a personal thing, so it’s tough to choose one that’s my go-to for this section of the article.

However, when I spotted this V-Race diver watch from Versace, I knew I had to include it here.

The black case and dial look striking and provide a contrast with the gold and silver appearance of the bracelet.

  • Water resistant to 200m
  • Three-hand movement
  • Butterfly clasp

It’s a practical option for those who don’t want to leave it behind when in the water.

Men’s Watches Versace (Best Options)

Versace Men’s Greca Sports Watch

Now here’s a watch you can wear all day, no matter what you’re doing.

It provides some striking features and looks superb regardless of what you’re wearing, too.

  • Black Guilloche dial
  • 43mm case
  • Two-tone bracelet

I love the silver and gold presentation here, seen throughout the dial and the bracelet, with some fine touches that mark it as one of the strongest Versace designs.

Versace Men’s Chain Reaction Watch

The striking blue face of this watch surely makes it the most eye-catching of all the watches on this list.

If I was going to choose a favorite, this would be a strong contender for me.

  • 45mm stainless steel case
  • Strap designed in blue and black
  • Three hands, with red second hand

It’s a great addition to the Versace range, and one I think lots of men will find it hard to guide their eyes away from – and it’s available at a great price, too.

Versace Watches For Men Dylos Range

Versace Men’s Dylos Watch

This watch is packed with detail, and yet it all combines into a classy appearance that stands up well against all the other watches in the Versace range.

  • Blue dial that includes mesh pattern
  • Greek detailing on bracelet
  • Stainless steel

The casual design is ideal for day-to-day wear, offering comfort and convenience rolled into one fine timepiece.

Versace Dylos Automatic Watch

If you liked the above watch and you fancy seeing a twist on that design, this version could be just what you’re looking for.

The sleek black face has the same mesh design in place, offering a stunning contrast to the stainless steel used elsewhere.

  • See through case at the rear
  • Swiss made
  • 42mm diameter case

Would this be your watch of choice?

Versace Men’s Watches In Yellow Gold

Versace Mens Palazzo Empire Watch

It’s hard to drag your eyes away from this beauty, isn’t it?

The shine of the yellow gold is incredible, and yet there is so much detail, it’s quite something to look at.

The polished gold sits in stark contrast to the black watch face too, providing you with an eye-catching timepiece you’ll want to make the most of.

  • Quartz movement
  • Made in Switzerland
  • 43mm case diameter

It’s also water resistant to a depth of five meters, so you won’t need to worry about it getting wet.

Men’s Versace Watches For Sale At Top Prices

Versace Men’s V-Race Watch

What puts this in the $1,000+ category?

For me, the combination of the white strap and the gorgeous gold detailing makes this watch well worth checking out.

  • Dual time design
  • Swiss made
  • 46mm gold case

A band width of 20mm sits nicely on the wrist, while the case is big enough to display the dual time features. 

Who could say no to this stunning inclusion to the Versace range?

Versace Men’s Black V-Race Watch

Having seen the above watch, are you thinking how good it would look in black?

If you are, settle in and check out the features in this V-Race model.

  • Two-tone bracelet
  • Black dial
  • Made in Switzerland

It also has the dual time design looking sleek on the watch face – ideal if you need that facility.

Versace Men Watches (My Closing Thoughts)

Which of these watches is the right one for you?

Obviously, price is going to be a consideration, but design plays a huge role too.

Will you go for something classic, with stainless steel or gold playing a role… or will it be that striking blue face that catches your eye?

Whichever model pops out at you, I think you’ll agree there are some beautiful Versace designs to consider.

And with Swiss-made technology at the forefront of each, you’ll always be able to rely on the finest working parts to match those good looks.