Narayan Hecter Interview | No Escape on Paramount+

NARAYAN HECTER is currently starring in No Escape on Paramount+.

We caught up with Narayan Hecter to talk about the role and his acting career so far.

AC: What can audiences expect from No Escape?

NARAYAN HECTER: Well, I think it is a real thriller, brilliantly written, terrifying, surprising, the audience is certainly not going to be bored, even I was gripped watching it and I know what is going to happen. You viscerally feel what it means to be on a boat in a contained environment with people whom you don’t really know so well and turn out to have a past. I think the audience really gets to feel all of this and to experience some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

What do you think is your character’s ultimate goal?

To live by his own values, to be free and to be acknowledged as an artist. 

Can you recall funny moments from on-set filming? 

When I thought I was trying my best to be flirtatious as the character and then it turned out to be a creepy scene. [Laughs]

How can you tell when you’re reading a good script? 

Well, I can’t tell straight away as English isn’t my first language, so I have to read it again and again.  But I would say that I know it’s good when I can’t wait to find out what happens next and when it makes me so thrilled I dance around the room. No Escape definitely did that.

When did you see acting as a potential avenue?

I never knew I was going to be an actor, I definitely wasn’t one of those people that knew they were going to be actors from the age of five. To be honest, I started taking acting classes as a kind of therapy to be less timid and intimidated by everyone! I am rather shy by nature and although people say acting isn’t therapy, it definitely helps, everyone should do it in my view. Funnily enough, life made it the only thing I can do now – I am lucky as I love it.

How important is social media to you right now?

It’s totally new to me and I am just learning about it all now. At our premiere party for ‘No Escape’ I met several influencers who are actually doing amazing things, helping all sorts of people in a variety of ways. I think it can be very powerful if used in the right way.

What’s the biggest realisation you’ve had this past year?

I’m so happy to be here on earth.

Everyone seems to have an app idea at the moment, what’s yours? 

An app that controls a robot AI that does all of my administration stuff for me.

What makes you feel nostalgic?

Temples with the smell of incense for sure!

No Escape is now streaming on Paramount+