Casting Director Tina Marie McCulloch on Recent Projects, Social Media, & Acting Chemistry

TINA MARIE McCULLOCH is the founder of Tina Marie Casting.

As a top female casting director, Tina Marie works tirelessly to carve a path for new talent within the industry. Along with her growing body of work, her impact on broadening the public understanding of what it takes to achieve success in entertainment is a massive part of why she is a notable talent to watch.

We recently caught up with Tina Marie McCulloch to talk about her recent work.

AC: For those who aren’t familiar with the casting process of a web series, can you talk us through it? 

TINA MARIE McCULLOCH – The casting process of most projects have the same foundation. We read the scripts and go over all the character breakdowns with the director and producer. Send out the project to the agents; then, the agents submit the actors they think are right for the roles. I will pick my selects from the agent submissions and have them audition, and from there, I will make my picks from the session and send the tape over to the team. The director and producer will decide which actors they would like to see for callbacks. After callbacks, I will get a list of whom they would like to book for the project. I will then send the offer to the agents, and the negotiations and contract process will start. 

AC: Is an actor’s social media reach or content ever considered in the casting process? 

TINA MARIE McCULLOCH – Yes, it is, but this, of course, will vary depending on the project. 

AC: Let’s talk about NarcoLeap. What was it like working on the project? Were there any unique challenges that came with the project? 

TINA MARIE McCULLOCH – NarcoLeap is an exceptional project for me. When I cast the first season, I was still reasonably new at casting. Casting NarcoLeap has taught me so much about the business. Now moving on to cast NarcoLeap 2, I am so incredibly proud and excited to see what the future holds for the show. 

The challenge for me was balancing all the auditions and administrative work I had to do. Most people don’t realize that casting directors have to deal with the negotiations and contracts between the talent agent and producers. 

AC: Can you tell us about an audition that caught you off-guard? 

TINA MARIE McCULLOCH –  I was casting a proof of a concept for a TV series, and an actor came in and asked me how to audition. 

AC: What is the most difficult casting decision you’ve ever made? 

TINA MARIE McCULLOCH – I am careful about the projects I sign onto to cast. I’ve had to walk away from a few because I feel it’s not inline with my business. 

AC: How often do you give actors the benefit of the doubt? 

TINA MARIE McCULLOCH – That is situational, and it all depends on the relationship I have with the actor and agent. 

AC: Is the era of the “movie star” over?


AC: What are the key ingredients of a great cast? 


AC: What do you want the world to look like in 10 years? 

TINA MARIE McCULLOCH – I hope we can all get to a place and understand that everyone is deserving of love and respect. 

AC: Everyone seems to have an app idea at the moment, what’s yours? 

TINA MARIE McCULLOCH – I guess I’m the first one that doesn’t have one. I will work on that next. 

AC: If you had the chance to put something on billboards worldwide next week, what would it be? Or what would it say?

TINA MARIE McCULLOCH – Don’t be a jerk.

Do you have a personal fear you’d like to conquer?

TINA MARIE McCULLOCH – I’ve conquered many of my fears as I’ve lived a very colourful life. So at this very minute, I don’t have one. 

AC: Tell us about your upcoming projects. What are you excited about for the future? 

TINA MARIE McCULLOCH – I can’t say too much about my upcoming projects, but I will say this. I have been reading some incredibly edgy scripts. 

I’m excited to see how big my business will grow and what project I will be casting in the next few years.