You Me At Six on New Album VI


YOU ME AT SIX are back with their new album ‘VI’ – a record that switches moods and styles with breathless confidence, from devastatingly defiant rock to joyously uplifting pop. It all but drips with melodies and moods. ‘VI’ is the kind of record a band makes when they are in love with all the possibilities of music. You Me At Six needed something unbelievable to happen with ‘VI’, because by their own admission it didn’t happen with their last album, ‘Night People’, released in February 2017. ‘VI’ has already generated hits in ‘Back Again’, ‘3AM’ and ‘IOU’ – with each track standing its own, partly through the way in which they contrast eachother. The drummer Dan Flint answers our questions about the new release.

AC: You’re now six albums in and it sounds like you have more energy than ever. How have you kept that ambition?

DAN FLINT: Ever since the band started we have constantly set ourselves goals. We have also, like other bands, had our speed bumps along the way which has only made us hungrier. Coupled with the fact that we love what we do.

The album switches styles frequently, with each track standing on its own. Are there any underlying themes that run through the record?

We wanted it to have a high, positive energy throughout. With some songs, like ‘3AM’ and ‘Back Again’, we had the idea of that “Friday night feeling”, whilst with others like ‘IOU’ we wanted sexy, hard-hitting rock.

What is your favourite track on the album?

My personal favourite is Straight to my Head. This also is going to be amazing to play live as it’s already creeping through as a fan favourite.

I really enjoyed your last album ‘Night People’ – how would you describe the progression in your sound on this album? Were there any particular influences from other bands?

We were influenced by a lot of different types of music from hip-hop to electronic dance but no specific artist. The progression came easy as we have been diving into production ourselves. This gave us so some scope to express ourselves. We were able to create the sounds in our heads ourselves rather than relying on others to try and understand what we wanted.

Why did you decide to get back into the recording studio as quick as you did?

We have been really enjoying writing and creating. We had so many ideas and touring had stopped so we just went straight into it!

You’ve got a new label, new management – how have they helped the band push forward?

They have been great. They understand us, allow us to express ourselves without trying to turn us into something we are not. They are fair, hardworking and honest which is everything you need. I see us having a long career with them.


You Me At Six’s new album ‘VI’ is out now via Underdog Records – youmeatsix.co.ukTheir sold out UK headline tour begins this November at the following dates – youmeatsix.co.uk/#tour



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