Finding The Best Tune To Match Your Mood

Music has been a key part of human life for as long as we can remember, with certain tunes seeking to uplift the spirits whilst others can inspire torment or anger. Matching music to the mood that you’re in can completely transform the atmosphere or vibe, as it can easily intensify your mood and encourage it to grow or even move in a different direction. Figuring out how to create the perfect playlists that will match with your mood needn’t be as tough as you might think, as there are billions of songs and artists ready and waiting to bless your ears with their unique sounds. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best top tips, tricks and advice that you can make the most of today to add some super soundtracks to your smartphone that can set the scene perfectly, however you might be feeling!

Calm & Cool

Keeping calm and cool when there’s so much stress and upset in the world can be super tough, but settling down somewhere with a nice warm drink and your trusty headphones to listen to some relaxing music can completely transform your day. Slow, restful music that has an upbeat and unrushed vibe is the perfect soundtrack to a relaxation session, so aim to find something that’s not too loud and boisterous that you can simply get lost in. For example, any kind of slow beat lofi hip hop, smooth jazz, delicate automatics or any other softly sung tune can be ideal to encourage you to calm down and focus rather than feeling super stressed and anxious. A calm and cool tune should be one that allows you to let go of a little pressure, drifting away from angst and towards a more balanced frame of mind. 

Energetic Exercise 

A workout playlist is an absolute essential for exercise lovers all around the world, as a good beat can give you the motivation that you need to smash your personal best. It’s important that you can seek out tunes that will encourage you to get up and go, with a steady and continuous vibe that you can utilise as a part of your workout routine. Listening to house or rap music is often the best route to take, as the flow in such tunes is steady and inspiring, making your exercise regime even more fun. There are so many workout playlists options online, as a large percentage of people find it impossible to give their all without a great song blasting in the background! Don’t hold back your personal best when a funky tune could be the barrier between you and fun fitness. 

Sad Songs 

Sometimes the only thing that you want to do is take yourself off somewhere to have a bit of a cry, and it’s completely fine to feel sad and upset every now and again. The release of tears isn’t always easy, but the addition to some sad songs is the perfect way to release any built up stress to feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Sad songs are often slow, low tunes that don’t feature many different instruments or singers, and most are nothing more than a lone artist singing with a couple of their band members. Some of Taylor Swift’s music is perfect for a sad song playlist, as she captures some of the reasoning behind a bad mood to create a song that listeners can really relate to too. 


Feeling confident is a great experience, as it’s as though nothing in the world is able to put a stop to your self love and positive mood. There are so many songs that can encourage you to feel confident, but it will eventually depend upon your own personal taste. Many women feel that icons such as Beyoncé are the ideal singers to encourage confidence and self assurance, especially as an empowered female! But a grime or hip hop wordsmith might be the only artist that can inspire you to feel like a million bucks if girl power isn’t really your thing. It’s a good idea to explore a few different playlists to find your ideal confidence booster, as the right tune can truly transform your day. 

Finding the best music to match your mood has never been so simple when you are able to utilise the amazing steps detailed above! Perfect your playlists today to take your vibe to a whole new level.