Haley Pham on YouTube, Business, Success & Motivation

HALEY PHAM is taking the digital world by storm and inspiring young entrepreneurs along the way. Best known from her wildly successful YouTube channel with more than 2 million subscribers, Haley is a complete game-changer for aspiring young entrepreneurs.

Besides her successful YouTube channel, in the past year alone, Haley bought her dream house in Austin, Texas at just 18-years old, launched her own clothing line Retro Reprise, and just launched her business advice and motivational podcast Call Me Candid with friend and fellow creator Lilly Ann.

AC: What does success mean to you? 

HALEY PHAM: Success is being able to support your family and being able to live without worry or stress. 

 How has your perception of success changed over the years?

I feel like my idea of success has always been my biggest goal as well. It’s to make sure my mom is able to live in a nice house and that is still my goal.

Do you have a daily routine?

I honestly do not have a daily routine I am very spontaneous, I like to go with the flow as long as I get everything done.

How do you keep track of your short and long term goals? 

I write them down, for the short term things I have to achieve. For long term goals I write them down, then I write down the steps to get there, and then I check in monthly and quarterly with my progress.  

What were the biggest obstacles you faced in becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Learning to go after the things I want no matter what people think or what their opinions are. Going after my dream even though people may have thought it was crazy was definitely an obstacle!

How do you deal with rejection and failure?

Since I am someone who works for myself, I have to be comfortable with rejection and failure and expect it often.

Let’s talk about YouTube. How long did it take for your channel to become a viable business?

6 years.

Were there any mistakes that you made along the way?

Not being honest with my audience when I was going through hard times. Instead of making it visible to them, I hid it and that was a mistake for sure. I’ve learned that being open is much better

For all the dreamers reading this now, what mindset do they need to turn their vision into reality?

I would say you need to have a lot of patience and resilience and you need to expect failure!

If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t want to change anything at all. I learned so much and I have the knowledge I have now because of the mistakes I made, therefore, I would not want to change anything.

What is your biggest source of motivation?

Providing a good life for my mom.

What is the best piece of business advice you’ve received?

Expect failure.

And the worst?

Focus on high school [laughs].

Do you have a business rule that you live by?

People can sense when you are not being authentic, so don’t inauthentic. Just be true to yourself.