Young Thug Net Worth Explained (August 2020)

We simply cannot imagine the modern hip hop scene without Young Thug. He’s hip and fresh and whatever he spits eventually takes him to the bank. For this reason, among others, it’s natural to speculate about Young Thug net worth. Since 2013, things have only gotten better for the rapper and it all started with his hit single Stoner. It seemed like he’ll be a one-hit-wonder to a whopping $8 million, and probably even more since he stepped on the scene. He’s definitely flashy with the cash and that raises a lot of questions as to what Young Thug net worth is. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

The Story Behind Young Thug Net Worth

Young Thug’s Career

The one thing that stands out when you look at his career is his airtight work ethic. He always has something in the works and it’s evident in Young Thug’s net worth. For the most part, he makes his money through shows, and while he’s on tour. Although he doesn’t actually come out to say how much he makes per show, it surfaces every now and then. For instance, in 2017, he faced a lawsuit worth $360,000 after he cancelled a show in New York. That’s not all in terms of lawsuits, another occurrence popped up. Apparently, he was meant to perform at a show and was paid $50,000. 

At some point, he actually did reveal how much he made from each show. Earlier on this year, he released a post on Instagram captioned, ‘1.5 for a 45 min show… #ThankUGod. Now, that’s an impressive feat for any rapper in this day and time. There’s no doubt that it contributed a whole lot to Young Thug net worth. Even more impressive is the fact that he’s managed to make up to $5 million alone on YouTube. 

Young Thug’s Endorsements

Apart from his ever budding career, Young Thug net worth has also benefited greatly from various endorsement deals. He’s got his hands in everything from YouTube ads, to fashion. As mentioned earlier, his YouTube revenue is off the charts. He appears on there in a range of capacities and has garnered many-a-click over the years. 

With all this and more up his sleeve, he earns over a million dollars in a year, and probably more. That figure is pulled from the earnings he bagged in 2019 alone. He equally dabbles in songwriting and production. And for the most part, they equally pull in some revenue towards Young Thug net worth.

He obviously has his hands in quite a few pots, but that’s what makes the Young Thug net worth so impressive after such a short period. For all his achievements, he’s received some accolades one major one being a feature in Forbes cash princes 30 under 30. 

He could have simply been a one-trick pony, but through hard work, persistence and uniqueness, Young Thug net worth has grown over the years. He has made quite a lot form music in the midst of ‘haters’ and backlash. There is no doubt that Young Thug net worth will continue to grow as his career grows.