Workwear For Women: How To Dress For Confidence & Professionalism

The average office role has little in the form of workwear guidelines beside the suggestion of smart clothing, so this can make it difficult to actually figure out how to dress for work. Fortunately, learning how to build the best wardrobe so that you can head to work in style with the greatest confidence doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might expect, as this guide contains a variety of different ideas and recommendations that you can utilise to dress professionally with ease. So, if you’re interested in finding out more, then simply read on!

Simple Shirts & Comfy Outerwear

When it comes to the top half of your workwear outfit, it’s a good idea to fill your wardrobe with a range of simple yet smart shirts that can be paired with comfortable outerwear to keep you warm during the colder winter months. A basic fitted formal shirt can be paired with so many different trousers and skirts, and it instantly gives off a feeling of professionalism. Wearing a patterned t-shirt to work is not the right choice, as this will likely stop your colleagues from taking you seriously – an outfit that’s too casual may encourage people to think you’re not putting any thought or effort into the way you are presented at work, so don’t make this mistake! You can easily find cardigans online to layer on top of your formal shirts as the perfect feminine yet conservative outerwear, as they are the ideal type of jacket for the office when you need to wrap up warm. If this isn’t really your thing, then a ‘shacket’ (a much thicker, shirt-style jacket) could be a great alternative to stay professional while still expressing your unique fashion style. 

Skirts & Trousers 

A variety of skirts and trousers are available for the average office worker, but it’s rare to find the right match that offers both comfort and confidence for a good price. Fortunately this is something that’s being recognised by big fashion brands, as many high street stores are creating their own workwear departments that are filled to the brim with brand new lines to choose between. A pencil skirt of some kind is often a great confidence boosting option that you can wear to work, and if you choose a softer material then they can feel like a hug rather than constriction! When it comes to trousers, a cigarette trouser or straight style chino is the best professional wardrobe addition that can help to elongate your legs and thin your frame. Bootleg office trousers that were so popular in the past are not flattering in the slightest, so make sure you find a more stylish replacement that better suits your unique aesthetic! 

Dressing for confidence and professionalism so that you can feel as comfortable as ever while at work has never been such a simple task when you can take the time to invest in some of the brilliant recommendations detailed above. Dressing well can make you feel good and it’s an expression of your personality too, so get out there and transform your work wardrobe today!