Corporate events are great. Whether your company holds events multiple times a year, or less frequently, you can get a lot out of them. They give you a chance to share your goals and successes. To update everyone on how things are going, and give them the information that they need to be part of driving your business forward. Corporate events give you an effective way to communicate with the rest of your business, whether it’s to celebrate, to make changes or simply to check that you are still on the right path.

But, let’s face it, they can be boring. You’ve probably at some point sat in at an event, listening to the keynote speaker drone on and on about their company, or found yourself drifting off during an important presentation. 

We’re not all great at presenting to an audience. We don’t all have the ability to keep people hooked for a long period, which is why so many people are choosing to hire a professional speaker from Here’s a look at some of the benefits of hiring a professional speaker. 

Increase Attendance Numbers

Ideally, you’d like every one of your employees to attend all of your events. You host them to communicate with your employees, so you want them there to hear it. 

But, if your team has been to your events before, they’ve already heard you speak. They may not be keen to do so again. They may even wonder if there’s any point, or if each event will be the same. 

Hiring a keynote speaker adds something extra. If you can hire a business leader or a well-known speaker, attendance will be far higher. 

To Inspire the Audience

Motivating your team in the office, day to day, or one of one, isn’t the same as inspiring a whole room of them at the same time, from a lectern up front. It can be very difficult, especially if you’ve got big changes to talk about or bad news to share. 

Professional speakers know how to inspire. They aren’t held back by personal connections, nerves, or ties to your business; they are free to inspire. Hire a speaker, and your employees will be ready to get to work, and eager to take your business forwards. 

To Get Your Point Across

Have you ever found that while you knew exactly what you wanted to say when you wrote your notes or imagined making your speech, suddenly, when you get up to give it, you are lost? You waffle, speak around the point and leave the stage unsure if you’ve said what you meant to, or explained yourself clearly? 

A professional speaker will get your point across effectively, without any of the waffle. 


Corporate events are filled with new information, statistics, reports, news and important changes for your business. It can be hard to digest all of this when you’ve got someone talking at you. 

Speakers can deliver the information in fun, easier to digest chunks.

In short, if you hire a speaker, your employees, and so your business will get far more out of the event.