Why Business Owners Should Consider Acting Classes

Acting classes aren’t reserved for budding theatre or film actors. Anybody can benefit from the skills that can be taught by a drama teacher, and for the purpose of this article, we are giving special mention to business owners. 

So, before you dismiss the idea entirely, carry on reading, especially if you’re a business owner yourself. Acting classes could prove very useful to you, whether you look for something online, or in your local community when life returns to normal again. 

#1: You will relieve your pent-up stresses and tensions

Running a business isn’t easy and there will be times when you feel stressed. Your staff team might infuriate you, your clients might topple your feelings of calm, and your workload might be neverending. Your working day can be tough, but by attending an acting class, you will be able to vent your emotions in a safe way. Through monologues and scenes with others, you will be able to tap into your feelings of anger, frustration, and despair, and release them through creative expressions. You will also be able to distract yourself from your workday pressures by putting yourself in the shoes of other characters. This will take you away from your own concerns, especially when the people you play have bigger worries than your own. 

#2: You will improve your communication skills

Acting classes can teach you a lot of skills, and as is discussed in this article on drama educator Taron Hensley, one of the most important skills you can learn is the ability to communicate more effectively. In an acting class, you will learn how to speak more clearly. You will learn how to improve your body language. And you will learn how to keep good eye contact, alongside other important active listening skills. Such skills are imperative within client and team meetings, and they can prove invaluable when you’re hosting a business event or leading a training workshop. People will take you more seriously when you can communicate effectively, and the respect you receive will improve both your self-esteem and your reputation. 

#3: You will learn how to act in different situations

Learning how to respond can be difficult in our day-to-day lives. This is especially true in business when we might need to show authority in certain situations and empathy. For you, there will be days when you will need to take the upper hand in confrontational situations. You will need to show your sensitive side when dealing with employee concerns. And you will need to act more confidently when selling your products, giving advice, and managing your difficult clients. Acting classes will give you the ability to develop every side of your character and personality, and they will help you to display attributes that might not come naturally to you. Through improvised and scripted role-plays, you will learn how to act and react in varying situations, and the skills you learn can be carried over into your business day. 

Never assume acting classes are for budding thespians only. If you’re a business owner, they can benefit you too, so don’t dismiss the idea. Join a class if and when it is right for you to do so, and learn the skills that can help you manage your business.