Triple-A! Make Your Marketing Simpler With These Methods

Because we feel that we’ve got to “go big or go home,” this can open us up for big mistakes, especially in terms of our marketing. As there are so many different moving parts, we can struggle to streamline it. Getting the product to the right people is crucial, but we also have to make sure that we don’t overdo it and go beyond our capabilities as a business, either by going over budget or beyond our skillset. And with these in mind, what can you do to make your marketing simpler? 


Finding ways to automate your business is crucial. But it’s not just about using automation as a way to streamline processes and make your business more efficient. You can use automation to your advantage in other, less-known ways. Using automation is partly to do with taking advantage of certain templates that are already out there. Smart PPC managers use Google Ads scripts and so, this is one way for you to take advantage of templates. When we automate and use tried and tested methods, it’s not cheating because there are people who have already gone through the trial and error associated with making their business more efficient. We’re not necessarily riding on their coattails, but it can put us in a more advantageous position.


If you are selling your product to the wrong person, it is a wasted effort. Analytics is more important than ever in the modern landscape because there are so many people using social media that we have to find the right people straight away. And analytics is integral to your social media marketing strategy because you are able to find the right people that will interact with your brand and are more likely to share it. Demographics are so important, especially when it comes to promoting the right platforms. Many businesses find that sticking to one or two social media platforms, rather than getting on all of them, concentrates their marketing efforts better. By analyzing the key individuals who will tend to buy your product, you are going to streamline your processes far better. Why would you market the best of Bing Crosby to a group of Justin Bieber fans? You just wouldn’t!


Simple, but it is an obstacle that we don’t tend to vault over. When we are checking if we are putting across our message properly, asking our customers if we are helping them in their day-to-day lives is a very basic thing that can give us a lot of insight. Getting feedback from your buyers is an ongoing process, and it should be part of your overall marketing strategy to ensure that whatever you are promoting is going to the right people, but also that it helps the people that it was intended for. Getting feedback about their customer experience will help you to tailor your marketing efforts far better. 

Simple is not always in our lexicon, which is why, when it comes to marketing, we start to streamline and take advantage of simple efforts. Work smarter, rather than harder.