Top Tips To Keep Your Business Premises Secure

Keeping your business premises safe and secure is important. A break-in or damage is distressing and can threaten your business. You can’t completely remove all risks, but there are some steps that you can take to protect your premises as best you can. 

Lock Out Intruders

It might seem obvious, but fitting proper locks is important. Certain locks might be required by your insurance company, so check if yours have any requirements. Your premises must be locked up every time it’s left unoccupied, even if you’re just popping out. 

Don’t Forget Doors And Windows

Glass doors are much easier for burglars to get into, so avoid them. Doors can be strengthened with steel strips that are fitted to the frame and around the lock. 

Your windows should be kept closed and locked if the premises are empty. You should also consider fitting security bars across them if you think you need some more protection. 

Secure The Area Around Your Premises

If you have an external boundary, like a wall or a fence, make sure it’s secure. You might want to block access to certain areas or separate pedestrians from vehicles with barriers from Armco Direct. External fences can be topped with barbed wire. 

Store away ladders, tools, or bins, as these can be climbed on or used to get access to your premises. If you are based in a built-up area, you can use motion-sensitive lights around points of entry to warn your neighbours that someone is trying to get in. 

Use A Monitored Alarm Or Security System

You need to have a proper alarm system. There are lots of types to choose from, and one important thing to consider is whether or not you want a monitored alarm. 

A monitored system is connected to a company that will alert you and the police if an alarm is tripped, giving you more security. A lot of people just ignore the sound of an alarm, so this can be well worth it.

Check that your alarm system meets the requirements of your insurance terms before you fit it. 

Put Off Criminals With Motion-Detection Lights And CCTV

There are other electronic options to put off would-be criminals too. 

Security lighting is a good idea. Surrounding your business premises with exterior motion-detection lights can scare off anyone approaching your premises who shouldn’t be. 

CCTV makes a real difference too. Just being able to see that a business is using a surveillance system can be enough to out off trespassers. If they do go ahead and break in or cause damage, there’s more chance of the police being able to catch them if you have footage of a crime being committed. This footage can also help with insurance claims. Do some research into the different CCTV options available to make sure that you have chosen the best option. Think carefully about where to position your cameras, and whether you want them manned all the time or just recording.