Top Tips For Designing Your Office

Many small businesses begin as a solo venture – where you are entirely responsible for the success and growth of your brand. This means that you’ll likely be working extended hours – playing the role of customer service advisor, product developer and social media assistant (and more) all at once. However, as you begin to build your brand, you’ll need to think carefully about extending your team. Not only will this lighten your workload, but it’ll also give you the chance to offer your customers a higher calibre of service.

However, it’s unlikely that your employees will all be able to work within your home – meaning that it may be time to open up your own office or workspace. While this may seem like an additional expense, it’s a worthwhile investment into the growth of your business – and can also help put your brand on the map.

With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to design the perfect office. 

  • To begin with, you must ensure that you design the kind of office space that your employees will love. For example, traditional office designs and cubicles are quickly falling out of fashion as employees prefer to be able to work collaboratively with each other. Keeping your employees best interests in mind will help you to design the perfect office for your brand. 
  • When painting your office space, pay close attention to the psychology behind different colours. This is due to the fact that the colour of the paint in your office could actually impact an employee’s mood. For example, yellow shades are associated with a bright and positive mindset, whilst neutral tones can create a calm and relaxing environment. 
  • Add a sophisticated touch to your office by working with an art consultancy company that can help you select the right artwork for your office. Not only can artwork help your workspace appear more professional, but it has also been shown to increase employee satisfaction and bring a smile to their face. 
  • Be aware of the different factors that influence employee success, and ensure you find a way to create an environment in which they can thrive. For example, installing the right tech in your office can help employees make the most of their time – meaning that they can work more efficiently. Furthemore, staying up to date with tech trends is a great way to future-proof your business, as it means you won’t risk falling behind on new trends. 
  • While the workspace is perhaps the most important element of your office, you should also ensure you design the perfect breakroom for your employees. Ideally, it should be a space where they can relax and destress during their break – as this can help lift their spirits during a particularly difficult day. In addition to comfortable seating and kitchen facilities, you may also want to add some entertainment items to the break room. For example, many startups now have ping pong tables or similar games that their employees can use during their breaks.