Top 6 Signs That You Should Look For A New Job

Work is an every-day part of life, but it should be fulfilling. Your job should challenge you daily to advance, create more opportunities for your growth, and motivate you to wake up and do better. While you may have some good and bad days, you need to determine if the bad days are more than the good ones. If you dread every Sunday evening, Monday morning, and simply survive through the week waiting for the weekend, it’s time to find a new job.

Here are some of the top signs that you should start searching for a new job.

Lack of promotional opportunities

The goal of every career is to make advancements, get new assignments and responsibilities, and increase your income. If you have been at an organization for years and never achieved a promotion, consider seeking growth opportunities elsewhere.

Negativity in the workplace

Conflict in the workplace may occur once in a while. However, if it is the norm of your job, it can impact your work negatively and cause you to lack enthusiasm for the job. Sometimes, you can find a solution if it is among employees, but if it is more pervasive with your superiors, you may want to start thinking of changing your job.

You feel unappreciated and replaceable

Feeling that your skills and talents are appreciated motivates you to work better and be more productive. When this is not the case, you feel that your efforts are unappreciated, and could be replaced at any moment. If you feel undervalued at your workplace, this is an indicator that you need to start looking for a new job.

Your health is negatively impacted

Health, both physical and mental, when negatively impacted by your job, it is a sign that the job is no longer ideal for you. You develop headaches often, feel stressed all the time, and experience frequent colds. With stress, you end up having a suppressed appetite or eat more and sometimes snap at people for minor issues.

You’re bored too often and thinking of quitting

Your work needs to challenge you regularly for you to feel engaged. If you’re no longer receiving assignments that excite you, you will experience chronic boredom. As a result, you become less productive, lack passion, and always looking for a distraction such as social media. If you’ve already thought of quitting and you’re considering food related jobs or retiring, it is a clear sign that you’re due for a new job.

You dread going to work

It’s normal to have trouble waking up, especially on Monday after a weekend of sleeping till past 8 am. However, if this happens daily and you wake up feeling tired, anxious, and with a dreadful feeling in the pit of your stomach, you have lost enthusiasm for your job. If you’re constantly looking forward to the weekend or giving excuses to miss work, it’s time for a change.

Bottom line

Your job impacts all areas of your life. If you feel unhappy, you aren’t experiencing any growth, and you’re replaceable, it might be time to consider joining the hospitality business. Look for a new job if you find that you’re often bored, your health is deteriorating, and you’re experiencing negative energy in your workplace.