Tips For Writing Better Blog Posts For Your Business

A blog has changed from what it once was. What used to be a method for people to record their ramblings on everyday life, is now a core component to any company. A blog can help you to drive more traffic to your business, help to make you look more reputable, and can improve the SEO of your website. You must take a blog seriously and do ensure that it is as much of your marketing plan as anything else. By doing so, you will soon notice a difference. No matter if your company is to do with threaded pipe, the food industry, or double glazing, it will always be a great idea. Try to post at least once a week for maximum input and always keep your audience in mind. Here are a few ways that you can write better blog posts for your business.

  1. Write at least 350 words

Blog posts need to be at least 350 words to rank well on search engines. Ideally, make them at least 500 and if you can write longer ones then these have an even better chance of ranking. 350 is the bare minimum that it needs to have a good chance of ranking on search engines. You could do a mix of long and short blog posts to keep your readers interested.

  1. Write it with your keywords in mind

If you are looking to rank for a specific keyword or key phrase then keep this in mind when you are writing your post. You want it to appear regularly through your text, but also to be natural. Some people write the keyword or phrase multiple times as they feel it will help them to rank but this is “keyword stuffing” and can have the opposite effect.

  1. Format it with different headers

Articles can be boring if they are just one block of text. Instead, break it up using different headers. This will make it much easier for the reader to follow the article and it will be easier to read. It also helps search engines such as Google to know what your article is about and see how you have broken it down.

  1. Add imagery

Images are a great way of making articles more interesting and can break up big paragraphs of text. Try to add in at least 1-2 images per article and ensure that they are optimized for SEO. You need to make sure they are around 150mbs and that you have input their alt data and tags. This will help your article to rank on search engines and get more views. 
These are just a few ways that you can write better blog posts for your business. A blog is vital for any company and it is better to get it sorted sooner rather than later. This gives you the best chance of ranking, bringing in new business and therefore increasing your profits. Do you have a blog for your business? Do you find it helps? Let us know in the comments below.