The Renewal Of The Hospitality Business

It can seem preposterous to think about theater, concert, and other show venues in the middle of a pandemic. However, with the rollout of vaccines all around the world, we can expect some venues to reopen their doors within too long. 

What will happen when venues are ready to welcome guests again? The answer is that a lot of enthusiastic concert-goers and movie-viewers are willing to travel far to do the things they love. As such, a lot of people will be willing to drive long distances for a show. It’s an understandable reaction after spending so much time at home! With long-distance travelers and attendees, it’s not just venues that will benefit from the enthusiastic response. The hospitality sector will also experience a post-pandemic boom. After all, hotels would be mad to miss this opportunity. 

Stay on top of current trends

What are the guests of tomorrow going to expect from their hotel bedroom? For hospitality businesses, the reopening challenge is going to be huge. A lot of hotels have remained open to specialist businesses, such as providing rooms for healthcare staff or quarantine travelers. Yet, the Hospitality industry has changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Guests not only expect comfort but also contact-free conveniences throughout their stay, for instance. Additionally, it can be helpful to reach out to former customers for an in-depth market survey. Many may find themselves wanting more for their money, in terms of facilities in the room, decor, food, and other in-house services. Understanding what post-pandemic customers need can already position small hospitality businesses ahead of the competition. 

Gain visibility after a year of being invisible

Brand visibility is nothing new. However, when most business sectors have been forced to shut down because of COVID-19, it is as much a matter of re-establishing brand awareness as reconnecting with potential customers. It makes sense to promote business visibility around venues, helping potential customers to know about local hotels and accommodations. Small hotels can gain a competitive edge by using their online presence to discuss the latest concert, shows, and other events planned in their local venues. A frequently updated blog can discuss the latest artists as well as highlight the distance and facilities in the hotel. This can attract the attention of concert-goers!

Reach out to partners

Every business can benefit from finding the right partner. The same principle applies to small hotel businesses. A hotel, for instance, could establish a discounted transport connection between the main train station or airport and their location. They can hire an Uber driver to take on guests as they arrive. It is a promotional exercise, as the hotel promotes the driving services, while the driver can recommend the hotel to future passengers. 

There are many other scenarios to expand partnership programs. It can be a good idea to create partner pricing with local restaurants and takeaways, so guests can benefit from special discounts either for food purchases or accommodation. Additionally, small venues may be willing to take a commission on hotel profits to place a direct link on their website. 

Are small hotels ready to reopen their doors in a post-pandemic world? The answer is yes. It is likely that many businesses have already started with a renewal strategy, enhancing their in-house services and building a partner network to promote their brands.