The Essential Guide To Keeping Your Staff Cool This Summer

There’s nothing worse than developing a sticky back when sat at your desk in the office in the heat of the summer sun. As your clothes become glued to your office chair because you are so sweaty, you might begin to develop a summer afternoon lull, barely keeping your eyes open. If you are an employer, it’s up to you to facilitate an environment that maximizes productivity. If your staff team are uncomfortable, hot, and bothered, you have zero chance of your employees working at their optimum. You need to consider how best to maintain an environment that is dynamic, happy, and exciting to work in during the summer. Rather than the office environment being a place that your team is dreading to enter, it should be the haven of comfort when your staff is keen to escape the balmy heat of the sun. Take a look at this essential guide to keeping your employees cool this summer.

Get In A Cooling System

It doesn’t matter what sort of system that you install in your office, just get one! If you have  larger, open plan office space, don’t assume, the natural airiness will help circulate more air around your environment. It might, but this doesn’t help when the air is stuffy and hot. You need a system that actively cools the air or removes the heat from it. When looking into commercial air conditioning, get some advice to help you work out the type of filtration you need, the capacity of the air con unit that you require, and the optimum place where you air con base should go.

An air conditioning system will help your team remain so much more comfortable when it is so hot outside. Having a constant temperature indoors means that productivity, morale and comfort will all be boosted. Heading onto the office floor when it is a hot summer’s day and being confronted with a sea of yawning faces, sluggish shoulders, and the deafening hum of heat-induced silence will be a thing of the past. The ideal air conditioning unit will ensure that your employees will work productively all year round.

Dress Code

While you might not want to implement a strict summer dress code, it might make sense to relax your formal suited and booted tone on the hottest days. Consider encouraging your team to wear clothing made from lighter material such as linen. While you might not want your employees rocking up in skinny jeans, tees and sneakers, a summer dress, linen suit or open shirt is ideal. Tight fitting clothing can restrict and make your team feel very uncomfortable. Be more flexible with the footwear, and allow those open toed sandal type shoes during the hotter season.

Remote Working

While you are getting your office fit for summer working, consider implementing a remote working policy. Your staff team will appreciate the trust that you show them when you offer them the chance to work from home. As long as they can complete their tasks and meet their targets to the high standards that you expect, it shouldn’t really matter how or where they do this. Some people are more inclined to work well in the evenings, where other members of your workforce will be early birds. Give them the autonomy to work from home and monitor productivity levels. With the emergence of Covid-19, more workers than ever are staying at home and working out of a study utilizing the technological advancement of virtual meetings.

You may even find that productivity levels increase as you empower your staff to take control of their own workday routines. If this is the case, you can maintain a flexible working policy allowing your team to spend two days a week working from home. This can help them to be more dynamic and innovative when they do head into the office to work.

Cool Hacks

Some people feel the effects of the heat more than others. While some people bask in the humid atmosphere and relish getting hot and sweaty, other people find it unbearable. For these individuals, make sure that you take a more personalized approach. Give your workers access to personal desk fans that they can set up at their work stations. These will allow a stream of cool air to be aimed at their faces while they beaver away at their laptops. 

Ensure that all of your staff have access to ice cold water. Water coolers are perfect if you maintain them and keep them topped up at regular intervals. When it is hot, ensure that you encourage a cohesive team atmosphere. Do this by having some perks on a Friday. Give out ice creams or lollies in an afternoon and think about working in outside areas in the shade if your office environment has access to them.

It might sound counterintuitive, but think about how you utilize your windows on a summer’s day. The chances are that you assume that you should have your windows open to allow air to circulate between your staff members. However, with an effective air conditioning system, having the windows open will force the unit to work harder and become ineffective. Instead, keep the windows shut, whether you have an air con unit or not. This prevents warm air from entering your space. When the sun is shining, ensure that you have the blind draw so that the light doesn’t enter your premises. While this means that your office can appear dark and you may need to rely on artificial lighting, the temperature of your office will be cooler.

Don’t just leave your staff to their own devices in the summer and try to facilitate a productive and comfortable environment. As the boss, you need to lead by example and show your team just how much you value them. On a pastoral level, keeping your team cool and content is essential to their health and well being. Follow this guide and you can keep your staff cool this summer.