Tailor Your Business Environment: Comfortable Customers and Coworkers

The product or service may be what draws a customer in. Still, the environment for most companies shall influence whether clients are likely to stay, engage, and find out more about what your company has to offer.

From bowling alleys to children’s’ indoor play areas, shaping the look and feel of your company shall alter people’s perception about your companys’ professionalism and reputation.

In preparation for reopening your business post lockdown for employees to return to work and the public to visit. Here are a few ideas to consider to guarantee your business is a comfortable place to be and a motivating place to work.


The temperature of your business can dramatically alter the way people feel inside your company. 

A hot, stuffy place is difficult for employees to work in and concentrate and uncomfortable for visitors to endure. If it’s too cold, customers and coworkers become irritable and shall find it difficult to focus on a particular task. 

Consider these four elements to ensure you can control the temperature in your building. A modern central heating system, excellent insulation and air conditioning for hot summer days. Plus, plenty of access to windows and doors for fresh air.


A neat and sanitary environment is a comfortable place to be. Regular maintenance and sanitation of the premises are essential for health and safety, but also to make employees and customers feel at ease on your company’s premises.


While some levels of stress are healthy to help workers get their work done. Too much can become overwhelming and unmanageable, and affect an employees’ ability to do their job well. 

To lift the atmosphere, bring indoor plants into your premises. As approved by the organization Mind (UK charity supporting improved mental health), exposure to greenery is proven to relieve stress, boost happiness and promote confidence. 

Take your pick from blooming hydrangeas to luscious green Areca Palms, and plant them around the office to promote a soothing, stress-free atmosphere.


The lighting you choose, should, of course, be suitable for the type of business you operate. For instance, industrial facilities need bright white LED lighting; however, childcare facilities do not.

In-office environments, it’s crucial to provide a range of lighting options for staff to take advantage of. Dim, poor lighting, is challenging for workers to complete tasks. So, offer access to natural light, overhead lighting for darker days, and individual lamps. 


You can decide whether music is appropriate for your business practices. Still, you should know there are genres to suit all companies requirements. 

For instance, factories requiring intense physical labour can benefit from upbeat, happy music to stimulate workers to work to the beat and boost morale.

Whereas relaxing classical music might be more fitting for the waiting room in your accounting firm.

Music has charms to soothe a savage breast. – William Congreve, British Dramatist, 1697

Equally, for a young person’s clothing store, music playing that’s relevant to a generation’s tastes can inspire customers to stay and continue browsing.

Transform the atmosphere of your company for coworkers and customers, and in turn, boost comfort, happiness and productivity.