Putting the Creativity Back Into Your Home Renovations

Home renovations and remodels can be a little bland these days. There are so many building regulations and style concerns to keep in mind that it can really feel like a lot of the creativity has been taken away from you. This is even more evident if you hire a designer to help you. Because they’ve worked on so many different projects in the past, their ideas can end up getting blurred, ultimately creating this ultra-safe and homologous design language that ends up looking boring. These modern design trends can look nice at first, but they can get boring really quickly.

So if you want to put the creativity back into your home renovations, here are a couple of tips to follow.

Design it yourself

Yes, hiring a home designer is usually the best choice for people because you don’t have to worry about anything but the price at the end of it. You simply give them some ideas to work with and a few reference pictures if available and you’re ready to go.

But what if we said that you could do it yourself?

From using a bathroom design tool to testing your ideas in a virtual simulator, there are loads of ways to test out different colours, patterns, and even furniture. While some of these tools can be difficult to use at first, all it takes is an afternoon of practice and you’ll be creating unique sketches of rooms in various online tools. These can then be compared to each other and before you know it, you’ll be designing your own room and picking all of the individual elements yourself.

It’s hard to make something from scratch these days, so don’t hesitate to try ideas that you’ve seen online or in magazines as a base. From there, you can make modifications and see what suits your tastes the best.

Start learning how to DIY

DIY is one of the best ways to put creativity back into your renovations. A home remodel might sound scary at first, but once you learn all of the individual skills you need to do it yourself, you’ll have a blast doing it. This is because DIY is very intuitive and you get to truly put your ideas onto your canvas (that is, your home) in ways that are experimental and unique. This makes your home truly stand out and it gives it a unique look and feel that you can’t get from typical designers.

This is because designers tend to work to a very fixed standard. They know what the most popular trends are and they’ll attempt to mimic those styles, believing that their clients are on the same wavelength. However, once you learn to do it yourself and pick up a few interior design skills and tools, you can start building your own furniture or modifying walls. There is so much freedom in learning how to do it yourself which is why we highly recommend it if you want to get more creative.