Promoting Recycling In The Workplace Is Vital For Change

In our time we use huge amounts of paper to meet our small and large needs. Its consumption is constantly increasing.

However, it is important to know that important ecosystems are threatened by its production. Rich, beautiful coniferous and deciduous forests are being destroyed. It is estimated that to produce 600,000 tons of paper, twelve million trees are cut down. Its growing demand has led to intensive cultivation with the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. At the same time it destroys biodiversity, by clearing authentic forests to exploit artificial crops, from clusters of a single species of tree. But monoculture contributes to biological poverty. Endemic plants are treated as weeds, animals as enemies. Sources, rivers or streams originating from forests are at risk of pollution due to pesticides. Rare species are lost. Eventually for the paper we use, we risk destroying the forest areas and the life they host. That is why recycling more at work can really help step up our mission to change this  and to create a better, healthier world. It’s important to look at guidance for promoting recycling at work so that you can implement it well.

Environmental Protection

Recycling helps protect the environment from chemicals and hazardous substances that may escape into the atmosphere, water and soil from waste that has not been properly managed. These substances can enter the food chain and cause very serious problems for both animals and humans, which is the last link in this chain. These problems can be infections, chronic diseases and very serious diseases such as cancer. Also, uncontrolled disposal of waste can be a source of germs and pathogenic microorganisms. So how exactly can your team get involved with this important change? Firstly you need to know how it can help and what can be achieved from some simple office recycling. Buying recycled things for the office is the first starting point for change as well as offering a cycle to work scheme and other little beneficial changes.

WHAT WE GET from a ton of recycled paper:

  • We save 17 trees
  • Save energy and water consumption
  • Reduce pollution and waste to landfills
  • Create new jobs

WHAT CAN WE PROMOTE to recycle in the workplace:

  • Newspapers, cardboards, magazines, books, envelopes, paper packaging. Cartons from electrical appliances, juices, milk, cereals, pizza, cookies, sugar, detergents, toothpastes, paper bags etc.
  • Do not recycle toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, kitchen paper that has been soiled with food scraps or is wet.

Increasing the amount of paper we recycle only results in environmental benefits. We save the forests, we reduce the pollution of the atmosphere and the air, we save space from the suffocating landfills. At the same time, there are prospects for investment and jobs in industrial recycling plants.  That’s why we collect the paper material that is unnecessary for us every day, such as newspapers, paper packaging, cardboard, magazines, envelopes, etc., and take them to one of the recycling bins in our area. Encourage people working from home which is much easier now after the pandemic.