Minding Your Team’s Health During Those Summer Heats

The summer might be a welcome change for a lot of us, but all that sunlight and heat might not be as conducive to a good work environment as you might think. Brighter days and more natural light can certainly help with motivation, but you need to be mindful of the impact that they can have on your team’s health and safety, as well. If your team is having trouble coping in the office, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Hydration is key

Amongst other things, the summer heat is going to get your team sweating more than usual. While this might not sound like a health emergency, dehydration can become one. For that reason, you should make sure to install some water coolers in the office if you don’t have them already or provide access to clean drinking water in other ways.

Keeping it cool

While dehydration might be the most dangerous risk your team is likely to face, the heat is what most people are going to be complaining about. The discomfort and agitation caused by an office without any AC or ventilation are going to get in the way of the workday. Finding the right intelligent ventilation technology from Ziehl-Abegg UK can help mitigate that complaint. Keep the office cool and comfortable to ensure your team is happy to stay working in there and out of the heat.

Preventing fatigue

The sun’s rays, the heat, and the fact that the body expends more energy in the summer, in general, are all going to lead to a higher likelihood of fatigue. This can include making your workers weary, reducing motivation and alertness, and even triggering headaches. As such, you need to be mindful that workers get to take breaks, especially if they’re doing any manual work or work outside. Keeping cool drinks and cold pads in the office can help them chill out a little better on their break.

Mind the light

Natural light is good for the office. It energizes the team, helps manage stress, and generally provides a more positive mood. However, when the sun is low on a summer’s day, it can produce a blinding glare that can affect productivity. Look at office blackout blinds from Swift Direct Blinds and other providers to see what you can do to better manage that light, ensuring your team doesn’t get blinded while trying to do their work.

Give some leeway

You should allow things to get a little more flexible when the summer heats arrive. Encourage your team to dress appropriately for the summer even if it means ditching the businesswear for a while. A lot of people might find it easier to stay comfortable and cool in their own home, as well, so you should consider offering them that option.
You should always be mindful of how the office affects the health and wellbeing of the team, regardless of the time of year. Comfortable and engaged employees are key to running a business smoothly, so be sure to follow the tips above to better achieve that.