Making the Most of a Pop-Up Store

We see pop-up stores all of the time. New businesses take over empty spaces on the high street on a temporary basis, or online stores give offline sales a go with a temporary pitch in a public space. Pop-ups appear as concessions within larger department stores or big high-street shops. It’s a great way for bigger businesses, landowners or councils to make some money in rent, it’s great for the economy and the high-street to have pitches full, and pop-ups give new, small or online businesses a chance to experiment with a new way to sell, without having to commit to costly long-term leases before they are ready, or to full stores in the case of a shop within a shop.

Pop-up stores, also known as flash retailers, might only have a few weeks, or even days in their spot. So, it’s essential that they make a bold impression, get noticed, attract customers, and get people talking. Often, the publicity in these situations is more important than sales. If you want your pop-up to really stand out, or you are creating a shop within a much larger shop and need a way to get noticed among more established brands, ISIglobal.co.uk has a proven track record and could help massively. But, if you want to start alone, here are some tips to help you. 

Why Open a Pop-Up

You might be wondering if opening a store or stall on a short-term lease is really worth your time or money. But there are several significant advantages to opening a store in this way, especially if you’ve operated solely online up until now. These include:

·       Testing out a new location

·       Driving a new audience to your ecommerce store

·       Increasing brand awareness and interest

·       Test a new offline strategy before making a bigger move

·       Engaging with customers face to face to build loyalty

Play with Colour to Get Noticed

Where you place your pop-up is important. It might be in a public space, such as a station or a community park. It might be in a market, or in part of a much bigger shop. It might be in an empty unit on the high-street. But wherever it is, it’s probably surrounded by hustle and bustle, and it can be easy to blend it. Use plenty of colour, or be bold with monochrome, to stand out and get spotted. 

Run Activities to Get People Talking 

Your pop-up doesn’t have to just be a store. It can be a space to run activities, craft sessions, tutorials, and other activities related to your business. This will pull in a crowd and get people talking, far more than products on shelves. 

Hire the Right Staff

You might want to man your store yourself or take existing employees, which is fine. But whoever works your store should be knowledgeable, approachable, and passionate about your business. They should be someone who finds it easy to make conversation with customers and someone that can answer questions about your business, products, or services.