It’s Time To Get Proactive About Cyber Security

Your business is your baby. It’s your creative outlet. Your modus-operandi. Your gift to the world. It’s also your livelihood and that of everyone in your employ. A threat to your business is a threat to your reputation, your wellbeing, and your ability to put food on the table. As such, you know that if there’s one thing you can’t afford as an entrepreneur, it’s complacency. You hold yourself and your team to extremely high standards. And if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught you anything, it’s that you have to be agile, adaptable and proactive if you expect to survive in a fast-changing and intensely competitive climate.

Your business is beset on all sides with threats, from competitors to consumer apathy and employees misrepresenting your brand. But don’t let yourself become blind to one 

Your business is not too small to worry about cyber crime

We only hear about the huge cyber crimes and ransomware cases. We only find out about the corporate giants like Uber and Google, or the large municipal authorities and healthcare providers that prove an excellent payday for cyber criminals. But if you assumed that your business was small enough to escape the notice of cyber criminals, think again. It’s estimated that over 40% of malware attacks are aimed at small businesses, and two-thirds of UK small businesses that have 49 staff members or fewer have been the targets of by cyber criminals. Why? In most cases, it’s because they’re easy targets.

They have a reactive approach to cyber security and a small trusting team that lends itself well to…

Identity-related security breaches

In an age of Bring Your Own Device policies, increased automation and DevOps, there is more scope than ever for Identity-related security breaches. Indeed a recent report shows that almost 9 out of 10 businesses have had an identity-related breach at some point in their operational history.

And while teaching your team how to spot a phishing email is a good start, you need to invest more in your cyber security infrastructure if you’re to proactively combat these breaches. Consider pairing with an IAM managed services company. They can give you affordable access to industry experts and proactive monitoring of your systems. So you can operate with peace of mind, without needing to worry about the logistics and challenges of keeping your identity infrastructure secure.

Mobile security 

Your on-site security may be ship-shape, but as we’ve seen recently- the workforce and the workplace are no longer joined at the hip like they once were. Many employees take work devices out on the road with them, and some may even use them on open networks. This can open up a whole host of vulnerabilities. With the proper software, training and monitoring, however, you can ensure that your diligence in cyber security doesn’t stop at the gate. 

Whatever the size, scope or nature of your business, don’t leave its fate to chance. And don’t assume that you’re too much of an operational minnow to be of interest to cyber criminals. 

It’s time to get proactive about cyber security!