Increasing Your Productivity When You’re Working From Home

In principle working from home shows promise when it comes to an ideal working environment. You can be ultra-flexible with your working hours, there’s no daily commute, there are fewer colleague interruptions which leads to you being able to achieve everything with plenty of time to spare. 

However, you may find it surprising to learn that in reality, you might achieve less at home, this can lead to feelings of anxiety and stress which in turn further impacts your productivity. This is usually down to poor time management and distractions. 

Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can increase your productivity when you’re working from home: 

Clean Work Space 

Tidy desk, tidy mind. If you have a working area that is messy and unorganized it is going to inevitably lead to you being less productive and wasting valuable time. Create yourself a structure filing system, store files digitally, email content, and deal with paperwork as soon as you receive it. Try to tidy your desk at the end of each day, ready for the following day. 

Have Clear Objectives 

A lack of clear goals will mean that you can’t keep track of your productivity. Try to create a to-do list of all the tasks you need to complete. Remember to always be realistic with your targets, it’s far too easy to be optimistic. It’s good to break larger tasks into smaller pieces, this will enable you to produce more accurate estimates of the time needed for the entire task. Update your list on a regular basis and tick off any completed tasks. This will help to keep you motivated. 


If you have people working for you or you utilize outsourcing, make sure you delegate tasks when appropriate. If you have tasks on your to-do list that take up valuable time try training your staff to complete them for you or discover more information about outsourcing areas like your accounting. If you follow up on the progression on each task, you will feel more productive with your time, especially when you see more and more tasks getting ticked off your list. 


Having a structured to-do list organizes your thoughts into clear objectives. It allows you to concentrate on the task in-hand. However, you need to know where to focus your attention. It’s very easy to choose jobs that interest you or you find easy rather than the ones that you need to get done. Try to prioritize your tasks into low, medium, high and urgent and add any deadline dates associated with each task in your calendar. Sey alerts so you are always aware of what needs to be done and when. 


Just like your work is important, so are regular breaks. We’re certainly not machines and our performance is bound to suffer if we don’t take the time to recuperate. Even if you think you will get more done if you work through lunch. It’s much better for you to take a break instead of risking your afternoon performance. 

These five methods should help to increase your productivity when you’re working from home.