Everyone has a creative side, even if you don’t engage yours very often. If you’d like to change that and you want to start being a little more creative, you’re in the right place. Unlocking your creative side is something that can be very challenging for some people, and if you’ve struggled with it up to now, here are some of the things you might want to change and do differently in order to find what you’re looking for.

Have Fun with It

First of all, you need to make sure that you’re having fun with it. It’s all but impossible to truly unlock your creative side when it seems like a chore and you’re forcing yourself to do it. It shouldn’t be that way and you’ll find that being creative never does feel like a chore when you’re having a good time and simply having fun. Not everything has to be structured.

Experiment and Try Different Things

The more you experiment and try new things, the more likely you’ll be to find the creative outlet that you feel really works for you and what you want to achieve. You can try to experiment with creating music and learning new instruments or you could try your hand at painting. There are so many different ways to be creative and to unlock that side of your personality, so don’t restrain yourself.

Embrace Your Inner Child

When you really embrace your inner child, you’ll let go of all of those things that are holding you back and stopping you from really going out there and doing what you want to do. Loosening your inhibitions a little and making sure that you’re not being too restrained when trying to be creative will allow your creative juices to flow far better.

Take Lessons and Learn from Others

A great way to unlock your own creative side is to spend time around other creative people. Taking lessons can be helpful, as can spending more time around people in your life who are more creative than you. It might be a guitar lesson or learning a skill from a friend; spending time around the right people will make a real difference in how creative you feel able to be.

Let Go of Perfectionism

Lots of people aren’t able to be truly creative because they’re too demanding of themselves. If you hold yourself to strict perfectionism, the truth is you’re always going to fall short in your own eyes and it can stop you from even wanting to try to be creative. But being creative is never about creating things that are perfect; it’s about experimentation and expression.

So if you feel it’s important to get back in touch with your creative side, be sure to make the most of the ideas discussed above. When you start to unlock the creative side of your personality, you can find new hobbies and new interests that you might not have ever considered before.