How To Make Your YouTube Channel A Success

Did you know that there are over 320 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day? Video content is becoming the go-to content for most people, whether this is on social or YouTube. 

This makes video content a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to growing your brand. Alongside your website and social media profiles, you can build an amazing platform. 

But how do you go about creating a YouTube channel and engaging with your target audience?

Set Up Your Channel

First things first, you need a channel, so head on over to YouTube and follow the steps to reserve your space online. Try and keep the name of your channel consistent with that of your website and your social channels. 

Create Your Art & Idents

You want to make your channel look to create, so invest in having your channel artwork done professionally. Depending on your brand, you’ll also need into and outro videos needed for all of your content. If you have the budget, get these done professionally, using specialist video and recording studio to create the perfect effects. 

Plan Your Content For Your Target Audience

It’s important to plan your content before you launch. What is the channel designed to do? Are you trying to attract new customers or are you providing tutorials and how-tos for existing customers?

Research your competitors and see how they are doing it. You don’t want to be copying them but you don’t want to miss a trick either. 

Optimize All Videos For Search

YouTube has its own algorithms and searches parameters, similar to search engines. So it’s important that you optimize your video to be found. You can do this through the title, video description and tags. If you’re lucky, your videos will be picked up by Google itself for your chosen search terms. 

Keep It Consistent 

Like your website and social channels, you’re not going to see results with YouTube unless you stick with it and consistently produce content and do the right things. 

Market Your Videos Off-Site

You shouldn’t be relying solely on the YouTube algorithm to get your videos in front of the right people. Work on getting your videos on as many platforms as possible including LinkedIn, social media and your website. Create blogs around your content that you can embed videos in or link out to them. 

If relevant, promote your latest videos in email marketing campaigns and newsletters. 

Be A Part Of The YouTube Community

Be a good neighbour when it comes to YouTube. Don’t just upload your videos and run. Interact with other accounts, leave comments and get involved. If people are commenting on your videos, take the time to respond to people. A little effort goes a long way when building brand and trust. 

Final thoughts 

YouTube should be on your marketing strategy radar if it isn’t already. It opens up a brand new channel of potential customers for your brand. With careful planning and consistency, you can make it a success.