How To Increase Your Reading and Expand Your Mind

Being a voracious reader as a child but reading a lot less as an adult is a common experience. It’s understandable as adult life gets in the way of being able to read all day. But sometimes you can stop reading books completely or only find time for one book every couple of months. You might be reading other material, but it’s not really the same. If you feel like you’re not reading enough and you want to read more, you have to make an effort to seek out things you want to read and find the time to read them.

Source Free Books

One of the things that might stop you from reading regularly is the cost of books. New books can be pricey, especially if you’re buying physical books, and you might feel like you have better things to spend your money on. But there are also ways to save money and source free books. You can head to your local library if you have one or check out audiobook torrenting sites to save yourself some money. Ask friends and family if they have books they no longer want too and consider a book exchange between you so that you can share.

Schedule Time for Reading

Finding the time to read can be one of the most challenging barriers to regular reading. Even when you technically have time, it can feel like reading is a lot of effort compared to other activities. One of the ways you can make sure you have time to read is by scheduling some reading time into your day. You might not plan to read every day, but you can decide on a time when you’re going to spend an hour or even just thirty minutes reading a book and focusing on only that.

Set Yourself a Challenge

If you feel like you need some motivation to read, consider setting yourself a reading challenge. It could be reading all of the works in a particular series or written by a certain author. You could work your way through all the winners of a literary prize or even all of the nominees if you want to make sure you never run out of things to read. Or perhaps there’s a particular way you want to expand your reading material, whether it’s by reading authors from a different genre or from a certain country.

Join a Book Club

Joining a book club is a good way to not only read more but also spend some time thinking about what you’re reading and discussing it with others. Book clubs can be run in person, but you can often find them online too. You can find forums where you can discuss what you’re reading or you could join a book club that’s run over a video chat or instant messaging so everyone can share their thoughts at the same time.

If you want to read more, try making space for regular reading so you can bring reading back into your life.