How To Get Your Culture Fix From Home

As we hit another year (and another lockdown) many of us are becoming bored by the monotonous repetition of the same thing day after day. Weekends, instead of being filled with languid Sunday roasts in the local and meandering around museums, are now sat in front of the TV watching Netflix in your pyjamas. If you are finding that you are going a bit stir crazy, but not mix things up and get your culture fix from home? After all, just because you can’t go out, shouldn’t mean that you can’t bring the outside in! Here are some top ways to get your culture fix from the comfort of your own sofa…

Take part in an online book club

There are a whole host of creative online book clubs you can join, and they are a great way to get your culture fix. Books are a great way to escape from what is going on around and in the outside world, and it is no surprise with everything that is going on that they have increased in popularity over the past few months. There are book clubs tailored to all sorts of literary preferences, from those dedicated to people who have a super busy life, to all-female groups or those that like to read classics. Take a look and research into them to find the one that is best for you.

Do a virtual museum tour

If you love a museum tour, (or if you have many that you’ve always wanted to go to but haven’t), then why not do it virtually? There are many museum tours and exhibition displays events online that you can take part in, including some exclusive exhibitions from all around the world. Many are free or just ask for a small voluntary donation. You could log in and soon be wandering the corridors of the Tate Modern, or taking in the sights of the Louvre – all without leaving your dining room table. 

Do an online wine tasting

Wine tasting is a great way to get a culture fix from home (and something fun to do at a weekend!) There are a number of companies out there who can deliver wine samples to your door, then you simply log on and get to listen to them tell you all about the wine and flavour profiles as you make notes. You will get the chance to learn all about wine, its origins and why it tastes as it does, while also discovering your new favourite tipple. This is also a great gift idea, so be sure to do your research if you have a birthday or anniversary coming up.

These are just a few ways that you can get your culture fix from home. While you can’t go out, it is important to still do things that make you happy and that you enjoy. You might find out that you have a newfound interest in something that you didn’t before. What are some of the top things you want to get into over the lockdown?