How Manufacturing Will Change Post-Lockdown

Everyone is wondering what the strategy of manufacturing businesses will look like after the lockdown? It’s an incredible time to be in this industry because we’re witnessing a massive cultural shift. The surprising part is, it’s been brought on by a pandemic and not systemic issues that have concurrently set companies back either financially or capability-wise. So it’s completely and utterly unexpected and nobody planned for it. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. But, we have to adapt, and manufacturing has to make massive changes in the way it operates. This is what the future holds.

Raw materials

Raw materials will need to be bought from places that are closer to home. Therefore, you should invest in mining companies that are in your country or in the surrounding region. Why? Well, many businesses are finding that the lower cost isn’t worth the additional hassle by operating China. They are moving out and this will mean that raw materials will become more expensive, but higher in quality. Therefore they can be spread further and used to make more products with the same batch. Whether cheap low-quality iron ore from china couldn’t be used for certain products such as heavy machinery, it can be used if the ore is higher in purity. This usually means Western mines will be your top choices.

Social distancing in effect

Now that manufacturing businesses are opening again, social distancing will in effect. This inherently means that you will need to operate at a reduced capacity. How can you retain your workforce and still obey the new social distancing laws?

  •  One way to do this is to expand your operations into a new site. 
  • Another way is to lease your employees out to another company in another location so that you can still pay their salary and keep them on, so when things calm down they can return to the fold.
  • You can also build another facility in another country and offer employees new jobs there.
  • The most effective way is to expand operations on the current site, using effective distancing measures. This could mean that you need to set up temporary shelter outdoors so work can continue.

Sleeping machinery woes

Your machinery has been sound asleep for a few months. What do you think is going to happen to it when you turn it back on and demand it to resume the normal schedule? Chances are, it’s going to spring a leak. This is how you should contain oil and fuel spills with oil stop values. To make sure that your oil and other fluids are not contaminating the local area, use these stop valves. It contains harmful liquids and allows you to expose them safely. Your machinery will be expanding due to the heat and the moving parts that are waking up after being shut down for a long time.

Social distancing is just something manufacturing businesses will have to learn to adapt. You should consider your continuity options for doing this, such as expanding your manufacturing site.