How Instagram Is Catering To Fashionistas & Avid Shoppers

For many people, shopping is a social event. People have shopped in groups for decades, but the way in which we interact with brands has changed. Online shopping has traditionally been an isolating experience.

But, this is changing, and social media is at the forefront of that. Tagging and sharing (along with the ability to instantly send screenshots) allows users to gain the opinion of their friends and family in no time. This brings the community nature of shopping online. People love it, and they are migrating the platforms that let them engage in this way. When it comes to social ecommerce, Instagram Shopping is a leader. 

Millennials and generation Z care about what their social media fans think, and the social element of asking their opinions (as well as seeing what others are already saying about brands and products) can have a significant impact on their long-term consumer habits. 

When combined with the convenience of being able to shop online from the comfort of home (or anywhere your mobile phone might be) by simply clicking a link, the success of Instagram Shopping is hardly surprising. That’s why experts like WebX360.com carve out amazing Insta strategies. 

Instagram Shopping Delivers a New Way to Discover Products 

Excitement is a big part of the psychological joys gained from shopping. Instagram Shopping is new and fresh. The fact that it’s still in its infancy suggests that new developments will continue to keep that wave of excitement running for years. Now is the time to use the social media platform to generate interest and leads as Instagram continues to grow by the year.

Instagram Shopping isn’t just exciting, it offers a quick way to complete transactions. This gives people less time to back out too.

Instagram is Investing Significantly in the Online Shopping Experience

Instagram is a huge platform, particularly with millennials and generation Z (two demographics that have the money and the incentive to use online shopping), and it is investing heavily in the shopping. This gives it a huge advantage over other social media solutions, not least due to the reliance on image and appearances. 

Instagram Shopping started with product tags, and has since included the Call-to-Action option on sponsored posts, while also allowing the embedding of links to pictured products. When combined with the growing influence of ‘Stories’, a sub-category that is growing 15x faster than feed-based marketing, it’s clear that investments are working for Instagram, brands, and customers alike.

Consumers ultimately want the best products at the best price, but having them presented in an engaging and convenient fashion that doesn’t force them into a certain decision works wonders. Customers maintain a feeling of control, while brands get the exposure that they want. The fact that the technology additionally plays on the psychological impacts of social influences only further underlines the value of Instagram Shopping as a key tool for fashion and retail brands alike.

Instagram is the greatest shop window in the world and major investment in the service makes it more attractive by the month. There is no doubt that this shopping method is here to stay.