Hidden in Plain Sight: Rubber Props Used in Movies and Television

The next time you watch your favorite movie or television show, look closely at what is lying on the floor. The chances are that you’ll be able to spot a rubber prop used in the filming of the scene. Rubber props have been around for decades, and they come in many shapes and sizes. They’re often used because they’re durable, safe, inexpensive, and can be found anywhere from toy stores to hardware shops. This blog post will explore how rubber props are being used today in Hollywood!

Trees and Nature Scenes

One of the most popular uses for rubber props is creating trees and nature scenes. While it’s easy to create a realistic-looking tree with branches and leaves out of green fabric, it cannot be easy to make the leaves look like they’re moving in the wind. Rubber leaves solve that problem, as they move realistically when attached to a branch.

Another use for rubber props in nature scenes is to create realistic-looking water. For example, a small stream or pond can be made with a few strategically placed rubber mats, and the effect of moving water can be added with some carefully timed blower motors.


Weapons, tools, and other objects used in movies and television are typically rubber. This is because rubber is a versatile material that can be easily molded into any shape and is durable. In addition, rubber prop weapons, rubber bullets, and rubber knives are often used for stunts to use on actors to minimize injury safely.

These rubber guns and swords look real because of their realistic weight and feel, but the true secret lies in what happens before filming begins.

Rubber props can be seen in many popular movies and TV shows, such as The Dark Knight, Mission Impossible III, and Breaking Bad.


Furniture and appliances are often rubber extrusion props in movies and TV. Their shiny, unrealistic appearance can quickly identify them. In particular, rubber extrusions are popular for use as showerheads, doorknobs, cabinet handles, and other small details.

Movies and television shows rely heavily on visual effects to create a believable world. Props are used to make scenes more realistic. 

However, simple things like furniture and appliances must often be replaced with rubber props. These stand-in for natural objects while allowing the camera or audience a clear view of what is happening on screen.

Clothing and Accessories

One of the most commonly used rubber props in movies and television is clothing and accessories. Rubber gloves, hats, boots, and coats can be seen in several productions. They are often used to create a specific look or protect the actors from harsh weather conditions. For example, the popular show Game of Thrones features many scenes in snowy or cold environments. 

To protect the actors from the potentially harmful elements, rubber gloves are worn over their hands to keep them warm.

Foley and Sounds

When you think of movie props, what comes to mind? Probably the big, flashy ones that are front and center in every scene. But another category of props is often overlooked: rubber props. You may not even realize they’re there, but they play a crucial role in creating realistic sound effects for movies and television.

In conclusion, rubber props are usually used when a scene requires an item to be thrown or dropped. They can also be painted with the same color as what is being filmed so they will not appear in the final cut of a film or television show.