Getting Your Brick and Mortar Business Back On Track

The coronavirus pandemic is something that none of us could have anticipated at the start of 2020. Hardly anyone could have predicted that we’d spend four months of the year in social isolation, or practicing social distancing. We couldn’t have guessed that countless stores would close their doors and many businesses would be put out of operation in order to slow the spread of a contagious and potentially deadly virus. But now, many governments around the world are reducing limitations and reeling back precautions that forced many brick and mortar stores to shut up shop. We can now welcome customers back in and start generating an income again. This, of course, isn’t going to be easy. Life isn’t going to jump back to the “normal” we know and miss. You’re going to have to take a number of steps to get your business back on track in the current world climate. Here are a few areas to focus on to get people through the doors and start making sales again!

Let People Know You’re Open Again

First of all, you’re going to have to make sure people know that you’re open for business again. Many people will simply assume that your store is remaining closed unless you make an announcement. Not all stores are reopening – some will have gone out of business or some may be delaying reopening. So, make sure to make some sort of announcement. This can be through social media, a base-wide email or signs outside of your brick and mortar store itself to alert passersby.

Focus On Safety

People want to feel safe while spending time in public.There are also likely to be some distancing guidelines still in place that you need to adhere to. Make sure customers are able to socially distance while inside your store. Make sure that there is someone at the door to limit numbers of customers entering. Put markers on the floor to direct footfall and indicate the distance customers should stand away from one another while queueing. Provide hand sanitiser. These simple steps will really help.

Consider a Sale

People may be reluctant to come into your store through the ingrained habit of staying away from stores for the past few months. Holding a sale could be a good premise to draw people through your doors. Advertise your sale in your shop windows with quality window display production. Have banners outside. Advertise your in-store sale online. Do whatever it takes to get people in and shopping.

Be Patient

Patience is going to be a virtue during times like this. You can’t expect everything to go back to usual straight away. Customers will slowly begin to trickle back in. Things will eventually return to normal. It just might take a little time.

These are odd times that we’re living through, but if your business has made it this far, you should make it! Hopefully, some of the above advice will help you to get your business back on track in an effective manner!