Get Your Business Up And Running With Essential Start-Up Tools

It’s an excellent time to start your own business. There are so many opportunities in the digital world today, and so much innovation. All you really need is the right ideas and the passion for making them happen. But part of that passion has to be practical, otherwise you won’t even get off the ground. 

One of the reasons it’s such a great time to start a business is because there is so much assistance around in the form of advice and startup software. This is good news but it can be a bit of a swamp as well. What advice do you take on board what software is best for your needs? These are excellent questions to begin with. You need to magnetize the swamp and bring up only relevant advice and products. 

With this in mind we’ve located some of the essential software you might need when starting out. Don’t forget to always assess your business goals to check if an investment is worth making. 


There are lots of reasons for starting your own business. More time, more flexibility, more freedom to choose the clients and work you want. Living the passion! All this is great but without close eye on the money, your new enterprise could fall apart fast. 

Even if you think you’re good with budgeting your business might require more financial control than you expected to lead you into losing money unnecessarily early on or spending more time than you ever wanted to crunching numbers. 

That’s where software can help, and one of the best on the market at the moment is You Need A Budget (YNAB). This software will assign your income to priority outgoing across the month effectively automating your payroll. 

To efficiently budget further, you could consider setting up a cash management account from a company alike to SoFi. An account that charges no fees and rewards you when you spend wisely and save would definitely be of interest to those that want to improve their budgeting skills.


Scheduling a small team can be extremely challenging. It’s a juggling act a lot of the time trying to coordinate time-off requests, overtime, shift-patterns, training, and handling emergencies. Luckily, technology exists to streamline the process, get all those plates spinning nice and evenly – leaving you more time and energy to channel into other areas of the business.

Sling’s Schedule App gives you a time clock that employees can use to quickly and simply clock in and out on their phones, and keeps track of hours worked making payroll easier. The app then allows you to export this data for payroll purposes. You can view labor costs and future labor costs for a selected period. 

Finally apps for team scheduling must include a communication platform. One that is just as efficient and user-friendly as Facebook or Whatsapp, but in-house for secure work-related discussions. 


Are you trying to start a brand or improve an existing one? Instead of paying freelancers to design custom logos and content that stands-out consider doing it yourself with an affordable user-friendly app called PicMonkey. 

PicMonkey helps you tell your brand’s story online and to stand-out with impactful visuals. It allows users to create high-level images for content to share on social media. It’s editing and design suites are excellent, easy-to-use, and equivalent to powerful design software.

Using PicMonkey, you can gain professional results without the technical expertise – and it saves you money. 


Projects can be notoriously hard to conduct without suitable software, or groupware. People need to be connected, able to communicate and share files, or send queries. There are many collaboration software tools on the market today, such as Monday. But while it may be the most widely advertised it may not always be the most suitable. 

Blink is a leading project collaboration app that integrates an internal feed, workplace messaging, and cloud storage. It’s an excellent tool for engaging employees, and improving productivity across the board, solving problems such as poor team communication, employees who are struggling with workloads, and high-turnover rates. 

If you need a software platform that connects your employees with their tasks and with each other, streamlined your business and makes all necessary information available to the project team. It’s hard to see past Blink. 


An internal communication system is essential for any serious business or enterprise. When you’re considering what Comms software to invest in, you should consider your options. First of all what are your business comm needs? Do you need a one-size-fits-all model or something more tailored? 

Interact software gives you the best of both worlds depending on what grade of software you go for. Benefit from an easy to use Content Management System, Enterprise Search (with SharePoint Online) and forums for discussions, and Q and A’s. If you look at your business and notice inefficiencies due to time-consuming processes or issues arising due to mid-understanding, it might be time to invest in a market-leading comms software such as Interact.