First Impressions Matter: Landscaping Ideas to Spruce up Your Local Store

If you’re a local business owner, you appreciate the stiff competition your store faces from online businesses. Many people now shop online because of the convenience, affordability, and variety available. For these reasons, you have to up your game to keep customers coming in through the door. Whatever kind of business you run, invest heavily in making the best first impression.

The state of your storefront can influence the customer’s purchase decision. Customers feel safer shopping from businesses with a good professional image. This post looks at creative landscaping ideas that can spruce up your business to impress potential customers.


If you have a large compound in front of your shop, maximize it by building a driveway. This is both an aesthetic and functional hardscape installation. A driveway not only improves your shop’s curb appeal but also makes your business premises safer.  

You can choose from a variety of materials to build the most impressive driveway. These include stained concrete, cobblestone, brick and stone, asphalt driveway, or concrete pavers. If you choose concrete pavers, reinforce the material with concrete mesh for durability.


These are landscape installations which add to the convenience of walking around your property. This works best if you have a large property and you run a service business, such as a hotel.

To enhance safety and make it easier for visitors to walk around the garden, sidewalks make a good idea. You have a large choice of materials, including pavers, glass pebbles, bluestone, fieldstone, limestone, brick, stone, concrete, terrazzo, clay brick pavers, and gravel.

Outdoor Lighting

You can turn the otherwise plain outdoor area and turn it into the most appealing area on the property. If you run a restaurant, outdoor lighting helps you maximize the space. You can add more seating in this part of your property for alfresco dinners.

Plant a Garden  

A garden is the traditional go-to option for both residential and commercial property landscaping. A garden offers multiple benefits besides the aesthetics. Grass and trees can lower temperatures, clean the air, and give your property a touch of calm and serenity.

Trees increase the value of your property, provide shade and a home for animals. For a fence, opt for a plant hedge to give your business premises a touch of nature. If you’re looking for the ultimate landscaping idea, look for gardening ideas that suit your area.

Water Features

Water features are an outstanding landscaping idea for a business property. There’s a wide range of features from waterfalls, natural ponds, sconces, rain curtain, bird baths, streams, laminar jets, fountains, and others. These landscaping features are calming and they give your property a relaxing ambience. Visitors will love that touch of nature and the beautiful impact it has on the entire property.

If you want your local business to survive, think outside the box to keep customers streaming in. Landscaping features not only spruce up your property but also impact how they perceive your business.