Finding Employees When You Need Real Experts

When it comes to finding employees, most of the time you can rely on the regular channels, such as advertising through the papers and general job listing websites. For basic admin, service, and customer-facing jobs, it’s often more about finding a good fit rather than finding the expertise you need. However, for highly technical jobs, you need to narrow your search considerably. Here, we’re going to look at how you can make sure you’re going to attract the people with the skills that you need.

Get precise about what you need

First of all, think about the labour that you need, and how permanently it is going to be a fixture in the business. If you’re talking about fulfilling a short term need, then outsourcing to a freelancer might be a better step than recruiting someone in-house. However, regardless of what kind of worker you’re taking on, be sure to be specific in what kind of workplace responsibilities they are going to have and, thus, what kind of qualifications and skills they need to bring with them. Technician employees tend to have much more defined qualifications and they will specifically be looking for the roles that match those.

Be more specific about where you look

Simply put, the traditional job boards and local papers are not going to help you find the people with the kind of expertise that you need. These people have skills that are very specific to the kinds of careers and roles they are looking for. For that reason, they’re going to be partnering with organisations and websites dedicated to those specific types of careers and roles, such as Cartisian Technical Recruitment. You can look at getting in touch with technician recruitment agencies, on job boards dedicated to things like engineers, and other platforms built specifically to connect technical workers to the kinds of careers that they are looking for. You can still post ads in the paper and broader sites, but don’t expect them to be as effective.

Make good use of your network

Any good business owner should know that the vast majority of job positions are not filled by people responding to ads. Rather, they are filled internally or by people who are proactively getting in touch with a company. As such, building a strong business network greatly increases your chances of organically getting in touch with skilled individuals or other business owners who can then recommend specific individuals they know. As such, it’s worth taking a look at groups like The Business Network and forming bonds with other professionals and business owners. Networking doesn’t always pay off immediately, but the stronger your network is, the more often benefits tend to come from it.

Finding applicants for highly technical jobs is only one step of the recruitment process, of course. You need to make sure that you’re organizing interviews that are able to further narrow your options down. However, first, you need to make sure you’re hiring from the right pool, and the tips above can work.