Many business owners have ambitions to grow and expand. This may involve opening new stores or branches or diversifying a product line, but in most cases, attracting new clients is top of the list. If you’re on a mission to expand your client base, here are some steps to take. 

Researching the market

Before you take any major decisions in business, it is crucial to research the market. If you are planning to develop your company and bring in new customers, you need to ensure that you plan in advance. Create a new ideal buyer persona, get to know the clients you’re keen to attract and make sure there is a demand for the services or products you’re selling within the marketplace. If you’re thinking about going international, for example, it’s hugely beneficial to check out existing competitors and to look at sales figures to ensure there is space for your business and an appetite among buyers. Collect and analyze data, look at what other companies are doing, and figure out exactly who you are hoping to sell to. 

Tailoring services and marketing and sales campaigns

When you reach out to new clients and customers, it’s critical to tailor your approach for optimum results. The sales and marketing campaigns you’re already running might not be relevant to a new market, and you may need to make changes. One of the most common concerns for brands hoping to market products and services overseas is a language barrier. You need to be able to communicate and interact with clients, and you need to ensure that any content or marketing materials you share resonate with the right people. You could consider hiring native speakers or working with professional translation companies like It’s worth investing in experience to set the right tone and create the right first impression. If you are widening your net and trying to connect with new customers, you might also wish to think about adjusting the services you provide to ensure they have maximum appeal. 


Networking is an effective means of growing your contact list, meeting potential customers, partners and buyers and creating a buzz around your brand. If you don’t already attend networking events on a regular basis, you might find they enable you to connect with new audiences, but also to find out more about targeted ways of creating and converting leads. To find out more about making networking work for you, take a look at this article It’s well worth researching events in your local area and in any areas in which you plan to operate in the future and to cherry-pick those that match your objectives. You want to ensure that you’re mixing with people who have the potential to drive your business forward. 

If you have grand plans to grow your business, and you’re hoping to expand your client base, it’s important to plan ahead. Create a new ideal buyer persona, take advantage of networking opportunities and research the market thoroughly.