4 Ethical Marketing Techniques For Conscious Businesses

If you’re environmentally and ethically conscious, you want your business to uphold the same principles, and to encourage good practice within your industry as a whole. 

Marketing is not only a big and often wasteful expenditure, it is also often perceived as dishonest, and if done wrong, can really put off your ethically conscious customer base. 

So how can you find ethical ways to market your business, connect with your customers, and do something good at the same time? If you’re looking for some ideas, check out the tips below.

Ethical Manufacturing As Part of Your Brand 

The past few decades have seen massive exposure of the unethical manufacturing processes of major industries the world over. Consumers expect better, and want to know how your business conducts these relationships in a positive way.

So rather than investing in marketing which highlights affordability and abundance, focus on your relationship with your manufacturers, the love and care that goes into making your products, and the ways you endeavour to make payment and work conditions fair. Then all you have to do is communicate this to your customers as part of your brand.   

Supporting Your Community

Giving back to your community and to charities you care about isn’t just good for the soul – it’s also a great, simple marketing strategy.

Charitable fundraising is good for business for multiple reasons. It allows you to make more meaningful connections with your customers, involve your employees in something that makes them feel good, and gives you honest, positive exposure to what you do. 

So rather than investing in an empty publicity stunt, organise a charity event or fundraiser, connect with other businesses in the area, incentivise your employees to get involved, and make a difference whilst changing the perspective of your company. 

Make Transparency the Goal

Decades of manipulative, exploitative (and in some cases criminal) business practices by major corporations have made ethical consumers a lot more shrewd in their choices – and rightly so. We look out for the conspicuous absence of information, or deliberately vague language when it comes to the way you claim to do business. 

So if you’re making a real effort to run your business in ethical ways, say it loud, say it proud, and give specifics. Show us where the products come from and where your profits go. Connect us to your manufactures and open yourself up to scrutiny. Because if you want to place yourself on this pedestal, you’ve got to do it right – and your customers will appreciate the attention to detail.   

Reducing Waste By Helping Out Your Customers 

In just about any business, there is waste. This is true of some businesses more than others, and hopefully, we’re all working towards ways of limiting overproduction and avoiding unnecessary waste wherever possible.

But if you have over-ordered, over-produced, or ceased to need material at the office which will otherwise go to waste, find ways to meaningfully transfer these resources to your customers and the wider community.

This way, not only are you providing for a customer base who might not otherwise connect with you. You’re also promoting a message of limiting waste and taking responsibility for any waste you do produce, rather than expecting your customers to pay for your mistake.