Effectively Marketing Your Construction Business

If you want to be successful, then no matter what kind of company you run, you need to take marketing seriously. Many construction companies do not invest a lot of money in marketing because they reason that people will always need houses to be built and properties to be repaired, but this is not taking into account the fact that there is a lot of competition in the industry.

No, if you want your construction company to be competitive, you really do need to spend plenty of time and money on marketing, and below are some of the best ways to do that:

Focus on the why

With so much competition, why should customers choose you for their construction job? Are you cheaper? Do you work more efficiently? Do you offer more choice than other companies? Do you use superior construction products? Work out what your unique selling point is and hone in on that when marketing to the public. 

Assemble a portfolio

Portfolios aren’t just for artists. If you want to convince people to hire your construction company for a job, then having lots of examples of works you have previously completed can be a real selling point. It enables them to see what you are capable of and showcases your company’s unique style and flourishes. In a way, construction teams really are artists, so put a portfolio together and let your work speak for itself.

Social proof is important

Social proof is basically what other people are saying about your business. If people praise your construction company for being affordable, efficient and high-quality online, then those positive reviews will really encourage other people to choose your business over others.

The hardest part is encouraging your satisfied customers to leave a review, but you can do this by offering a small discount, free vouchers, or often simply by asking very nicely, and you really should make an effort because social proof shows your company can be trusted, which is really important in the construction business where there are so many cowboys around and people are hesitant to employ and unknown company to do work for them.

Invest in local marketing

When you run a construction company, marketing locally is really important, so you should focus on measures that will boost your profile in your area. This can be anything from ads in the local paper to ads on your van and jingles on community radio, as well as taking advantage of Google local listings.

Write DIY content

Writing content that tells people how to do basic DIY tasks may seem counterintuitive, but it is the kind of information people look for when they might need a contractor, so if you do it well and show them you know your stuff, it could pay off in a big way.

Effectively marketing a construction company can be difficult, especially with so much competition around, but if you focus on what you do well and you focus on providing social proof, you will not go too far long.