Dressing The Part: How Wearing The Right Clothes Can Make You More Productive

When facing the dread of another working day, the stress of office responsibilities, meeting business deadlines, shuffling between one task and another, the last thing that may come to mind is your outfit. But, believe it or not, the clothes you choose to wear can affect how productive you can be at work. As the business world becomes more ‘modern’ in outlook, many business owners realise the benefits of work outfits beyond mere appearance. More entrepreneurs are beginning to embrace and encourage workers to go casual and comfy with their work clothes choices, albeit remaining decent and measured. So, how do work clothes increase or improve work productivity? Here are a few things you might want to know.

1 – A healthy dose of confidence

There is no doubt that picking clothes that make you look and feel good is a massive confidence booster for starters. But it doesn’t end there; having higher self-confidence and self-esteem can improve your work productivity levels in some ways. 

First, self-confidence affects how you relate with other workers. For example, it makes you more receptive to criticisms and helps to learn faster. It is important to distinguish self-confidence from toxic pride or arrogance, as these produce the opposite effect. When you feel confident, you’re less moody about criticisms and more eager to learn and become better, which will improve your productivity long-term.

Secondly, a healthy dose of confidence allows you to relate well with your colleagues at work. This way, you’ll feel less hesitant to seek assistance when you need it, become more open and receptive, and also more willing to help others. Since people, in general, are naturally drawn to confident people, you can contribute seamlessly to any team effort.

Thirdly, if you’re dealing with a personal tragedy like losing a loved one, some simple clothing elements or choices can easily lift your mood at work. For example, keeping a loved one close to your heart with a cremation keepsake jewellery pendant as part of your work outfit can motivate you to take on the day’s challenges, knowing that your loved one is ‘with you.’ You can visit memorials.com for some examples of keepsake jewellery.

2 – A dress code equalises everyone at work

Imagine working in an environment that feels like a fashion contest every day. Imagine a work environment that makes you feel odd for not wearing designer clothes. Having a dress code equalises everyone by eliminating subconscious fashion competitions and looking and feeling the same. When you don’t have to worry about what to wear for work, you can focus your thoughts more on being productive during the day. 

3 – Simple work clothes save time and brainpower

Have you noticed that most successful business people go easy with their choice of clothes? People like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Simon Cowell, etc., may swear that picking similar clothes every day saves them time and energy. That is because deciding what to wear every day can waste time, among other decisions you must make before leaving home. Sticking to a dress code takes the burden of deciding away, reduces how much time it takes to prepare for work, and gives you extra time to be more productive at work.

Moreover, when you wear the same thing, you save brainpower, and you’re less distracted by trivia. Putting little to no thought into what to wear in the morning means that you can channel all your decision-making power into growing your business. 

4 – The more comfortable you feel, the more productive you can be

It makes sense that if you feel uncomfortable at work, you will struggle to concentrate on work. For example, if your work requires you to be on your feet for long hours, the last thing you want to do is rock a pair of shoes with extra-long heels, as that will leave your feet sore. Also, if you are a truck driver that has to drive for hours on the road, your work clothes should be comfortable enough to keep your eyes focused on the road.

However, being extra comfy can also make you a little too relaxed and even sluggish at work. That is usually the case when working from the comfort of your home, which leads to the next point. 

5 – Dressing up for work from home

What if you work from home and don’t need to meet anybody during the day? Can your choice of clothes still have an impact on your productivity levels? Absolutely! 

Thanks to the current global pandemic, most people are beginning to change their perspective about work in general, as many people now work from home. 

However, the comfort of working from home can easily lead to a significant drop in motivation while causing a rise in fatigue. Many businesses now encourage their employees working remotely to dress up for work, as it promotes a sense of purpose and helps boost work productivity.

You may be wondering how this is possible. Dressing up for work at home will help you create a sense of purpose and normalcy. Try to stick to the same or a similar you had when you worked in a typical office environment. For example, wake up simultaneously, get a good shower, dress up for work before grabbing breakfast, etc. You may still operate from your bedroom, but you’ll have a work-ready mindset

6 – Creating boundaries get you out of work mode

Another benefit of dressing up for work at home is that it gives you the chance to get out of your work clothes. This is especially important if you feel stressed because you’re never dressed for an “off-duty” period. Getting out of your work clothes can be an important after-work ritual to help ease your mind and rejuvenate. 

Getting out of your work clothes after work is a representation that you’ve crossed the finish line for the day and can relax your mind enough until you’re ready to pick up your clothes again. Even something as minor as changing from one shirt to another can help get you out of work mode.