Christmas Parties in the Time of COVID-19: 9 Tips to Enjoy a Safe Holiday Season

Wedding receptions, birthday gatherings, and anniversaries have all been put off this year to cope with the current pandemic and ensuing regulations. And, now it’s the turn of Christmas Parties. They have always been a way to catch up with your family, spend a magical time of the year with those who we love the most, and, in the case of office parties, a way to show your employees you care for them. 

However, this year, it is crucial to implement all the measures and strategies you need to ensure that all parties are safe and invitees run minimal risk of contagion. Generally, you will need to host all of your larger gatherings through virtual platforms. However, smaller, more intimate dinners can be successful with just a few adjustments. Start with the tips below – but don’t be afraid to get in touch with an expert caterer if you need more guidance!

Host It Outdoors

Hosting intimate Christmas parties outdoors is the best way to prevent contagion or dangerous consequences. Of course, you will still need to limit the number of invitees and ensure that they are all wearing a mask when interacting with others. However, having an outdoor party can help you better manage social distance and the running of the event. 

Yet, without proper planning, it can be difficult to encourage people to enjoy a cold winter night outdoor! So, you will need to invest in the right lighting, heating, and shelter. If you have a garden or patio, it won’t be difficult or challenging to ensure these additions. 

Or, you might decide to rent a larger outdoor area and install a temporary building or shelter. For this, inflatables can ensure your invitees are comfortable, safe, and enjoy a fully customized space. 

Limit the Number of Invitees

Limiting the number of invitees at the party is crucial. The number of people or family members who will be able to attend will also be determined by the amount of space that is available to you, as well as the restrictions and guidelines in force in your area. However, these have been changing rapidly, so it is always recommendable to check what are the latest updates regarding social gatherings in your area. 

Allow for Social Distancing

As well as limiting the number of invitees, you should ensure that your venue allows for social distancing. First of all, it is recommendable to opt for a sit-down meal and drinks, so you can better manage the distance between a person and another. Additionally, you will need to avoid any game that might increase the risk of contagion. 

Provide Themed Maks and Face Coverings

Having a themed party is always an excellent choice. This year, you will have the chance to enhance the theme you have picked for your party by creating face masks and coverings that are in line with your concept. If it is an office Christmas party, you might also opt to brand the masks or face coverings you have picked. In any case, providing free, protective masks for your guests is an excellent way to decrease the risk of contagion and ensure every guest is protected throughout the party.

Don’t Forget About Extra Sanitation Stations.

In the same way that providing masks of face coverings is essential, you cannot miss out on the chance to dot your venue or home with additional sanitation stations. You can pick a hand sanitizer that is eco-friendly and as natural as possible while still being effective. This simple addition can already be an excellent way to reduce the risk of harmful consequences. 

Buffets Might Be off the Table

If you plan to serve food or a meal at your party, opt for a sit-down meal this year rather than a buffet. Sit-down meals allow you to have better control over how much space is between a person and another and even set more distance in between households or families. Additionally, this option can reduce the chance of the same utensils and surfaces being touched by more people.  

If you have opted for a sit-down meal, ensure each place setting is at least one meter away from the next, and there is enough room for everybody to arrive at the table without having to pump into others. While these measures might not be necessary if you are planning a more intimate dinner with just your household, you should keep them in mind even if you are just inviting your extended family!

Make It Eco-Friendly

While you might opt for single-use products this year, make sure they are all recyclable and made in a sustainable way. In any case, it is recommendable to stay off plastic straws, cutlery, and plates, and cups, if possible. Of course, the safety of your invitees comes first, but you can still ensure that all precautions are taken by opting for wooden or bamboo items that can be easily recycled once the feast is over! 

Keep the Same Games – But Make Them Safer!

If you have always loved a game of cards or a board-game after your Christmas dinner, you won’t need to miss out on the fun this year. However, you might decide to play a virtual game or use one of the many software of an exciting quiz! While this can represent an alternative that you might struggle to embrace at first, it can be as fun as always!

Host a Virtual Gathering Instead

If the restrictions in your area are still in place and you feel like you want to opt for a safer alternative yet, you can think about hosting a virtual Christmas party. We have gotten used to the new communication platforms available to us due to the rise of remote working, so it won’t be too challenging to organize such an event. 

Bottom Line

Holding a Christmas party or gathering during a global pandemic is definitely not easy, and ensuring that everybody invited can be safe is necessary. Lockdown measures and social distancing restrictions might change on a daily base – which makes it paramount to check on updates and decide whether it is allowed and reasonable to hold a party. A virtual party or Zoom call always remains a valid option!