Being More Eco Friendly At The Office

It’s so important to reduce our carbon footprint and look after the earth, and as company owners, we have more responsibility than the average Joe to ensure we’re doing this. After all, the decisions we make are what has some of the biggest impacts on pollution levels, so it’s crucial we do what we can to bring this down. Here are some ideas for going about it.


Plastic takes many hundreds of years to break down, and often ends up in landfills, slowly polluting the ground or washed up in the ocean and other waterways, It has been described as a ‘cancer of the earth’ and is something we all need to use less of, and one place you can start is in your business. Encourage your customers to bring their own bag or provide strong paper bags where necessary. Buy things like refillable pens and printer cartridges for your office instead of single-use varieties, these small steps can add up in a big way. 


There are a couple of way you can recycle effectively in your business. The first is to reuse and recycle rather than buying brand new, this could be second hand shop fittings for your retail store or refurb chairs for your office. Not only will this save you money but it prevents items from going to landfill too which is better for the planet. The next step is to recycle the waste correctly in your business, invest in good recycling bins or systems and teach employees how to use them properly. 


The opportunity to source your business supplies, raw materials or finished goods from environmentally-friendly suppliers are increasing, and the more we as companies choose them, the more demand will be created. Not only is this better for the planet, but increasingly, small businesses are using their green credentials as a selling point to attract customers. So it’s something you could work into your branding too. 


As businesses became more and more reliant on electronic communication, experts assumed the era of the paperless office was upon us. However, companies from shops to restaurants, offices, salons and manufacturing firms still have difficulty converting to a paperless office. Aim to go paper-free by communicating digitally with customers, unless they request a paper copy of something. Choose to have your own business mail delivered electronically rather than through the post too where possible. 


Power such as gas and electricity uses fossil fuels. While these companies are using more and more greener energy sources, a lot still comes from the burning of fossil fuels which of course impacts the environment. So the less energy we use, the better for the planet. Small changes such as switching appliances and lights off when they’re not in use again will all add up.