Back to the Office: How To Boost Your Creative Team’s Morale

No matter whether you are working in the field of art, digital creations, marketing, music, or animation, if you are a creative business, your main asset is your employees. Your team of creatives is at the heart of your business’s goal and the heroes responsible for executing your mission. 

However, over the past two years, employees had to quickly adapt to working from home, compromise on collaboration in the office, and lead their own self-development. However, not that it is safe to return to life in the office, you should do all you can to boost their morale, motivation, and job satisfaction. 

After all, simply engaging with your employees and looking after their physical and physiological well-being can boost their creative power. Unsure how to get started? Here are four strategies to put in place today. 

Offer Hybrid Work Options

At the beginning of the pandemic, professionals around the world had to quickly adapt to working from home and using remote collaboration platforms. So, if you have encouraged your employees to work from their desk, rooms, or makeshift home office for their safety during the first months of Covid-19, you are certainly not the only one. 

However, in the past months, employees have adapted to this new way of working, and, for many, it represented the golden ticket to a better work-life balance and more productivity. Today, allowing for some remote or hybrid work options can help you lower your employee turnover by over 25%

Provide Them With Plenty of Development Opportunities

While the Great Resignation continues to hit several industries across the country, companies are struggling to find a solution to retain their employees and create a better work culture. But there is an easy solution to increase employee retention and improve your business as a whole: provide more development and upskilling opportunities for your creative team!

According to recent studies, a whopping 94% of employees look at the development opportunities offered by a company when deciding who to work for. So, if you are looking to add a competitive edge to your business by creating a unique team of creatives, this strategy allows you to attract top talents. 

Focus on Creating the Right Physical Environment

If your goal is to grow your business by focusing on your employees and work culture, it is essential not to overlook the power that the physical environment of your business provides. 

Of course, unsuitable business premises can lead to severe health issues such as the Sick Building Syndrome. But even without taking into consideration these extremes, your physical work environment can impact the level of productivity of your employees. 

Whether you have a large budget to renovate your office space or not, you can make a difference by opening the windows, letting the sunshine in, embracing minimalism, and decorating with plants!

Invest in Team-Building Activities

Tailored team building activities – whether virtual or physical – can help your team members get to know each other. This might not seem like much when you are focusing on growing your business. However, collaboration and brainstorming are much better performed when your employees know each other, trust each other, and appreciate each other’s talent.