Areas to Invest in During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and, unsurprisingly, many businesses are finding themselves struggling. Almost every company out there is finding itself up against countless challenges and you’re going to find that it’s absolutely essential that your business is flexible and able to adapt to current times in order to stay afloat and continue generating profits. Many of us are feeling relatively lost. We hadn’t prepared for a pandemic and we don’t really know how to operate through one. But the good news is that you can make it through this. You just need to know which areas you should be focusing on and invest in right now. Here are a few suggestions that could help!


If you have any employees who are working in-office, in any commercial premises, or anywhere else during the coronavirus pandemic, PPE is going to be an absolute essential. PPE stands for “personal protective equipment” and it’s basically any equipment or materials that your employees require to carry work out safely and effectively. In day to day life outside of the pandemic, we tend to associate PPE with equipment people use in warehouses, on construction sites and other areas of expertise that have implicit threats to physical health and wellbeing. We think of steel toe cap boots, hard hats, plastic goggles, high visibility jackets and other items. But nowadays, the common perception of PPE has changed. We now automatically think of face masks, latex gloves, hand sanitiser and barriers that we can place between ourselves and others. This is because one of the main threats to health in the workplace has switched from falling objects and heavy lifting to a highly contagious and potentially deadly disease. If you’re going to have any staff working on-site during this time – whether that’s picking and packing goods or serving essentials to customers in-store – you’re going to have to make sure they have the correct PPE to do so safely. You can find plenty of high quality PPE at ppesuppliesdirect.com.

Cyber Security

If your staff are able to work remotely, it’s important to let them work from home. It’s much easier and much safer for staff to keep their distance from one another when they’re in their own properties than when they’re required to come into work. This way, they don’t have to face public transport with countless other individuals and they don’t have to spend all day every day in commercial premises around others either. However, having staff work from home can pose a serious threat to your business’ cyber security. As you’ll be aware, cyber security needs to be a main area of focus for any business at any time. Not only do you need all of your systems up and running all the time, but you also need to protect any data and other sensitive information your business may have stored. Cyber criminals are more active now than ever. They are aware that more businesses are switching to working remotely, that many employees aren’t trained in cyber security, that people will be using data on their own private internet connections rather than secured and protected in-office systems and that your business will have plenty of other vulnerabilities on a tech front right now too. So, it’s more important than ever before to invest in cyber security and to ensure that your staff are all trained in cyber security.


People aren’t buying as many luxury or non-essential goods right now. Many people’s income will have taken a hit during this pandemic. Perhaps they have been furloughed and are now only on 80% of their pay. Perhaps they’ve lost their jobs altogether and are relying on the welfare state, savings or other sources of money. This means that many companies selling non-essential goods are taking a hit too. People are more reluctant to hand over what disposable income they have right now. So, you’re going to have to invest heavily in marketing to try to secure as many sales as possible. You’re going to have to make your goods look truly worth investing in. So, look at SEO, PPC campaigns, social media campaigns, social media influencer collaborations and more.

These are just three different areas that your business could really benefit from investing in right now. Keep them at the forefront of your mind at all times. They’ll keep staff and customers safe, protect your business’ data and help to maximise sales during this difficult time!