5 Things That Will Make You a Healthy and Happy Leader

Running your own business is hard. It’s relentless. It’s inordinately stressful. And if you let it, it will consume your life, taking your health and happiness with it. Let stress and negativity get on top of you and it will surely be to the detriment of your health, your wellbeing and your business. According to Business Insider, studies show that happy, healthy leaders are typically better leaders. Of course, your business can be successful and you can be miserable. But really, what sort of workplace do you want to go into every morning. One where everyone is pleased to see you and excited for the day ahead? Or one where everyone’s dreading your next stress-fuelled outburst?

The right mindset is arguably as important as the right employees and the right branding. Here are 5 things that will make you a healthier, happier (and thus more effective) leader… 

Get up early

It’s hard to get the day off to a good start when you rushed out of your home with a thermos of coffee in one hand and a slice of cold toast in the other as you swerve desperately through rush hour traffic.

Getting up at 5am can give you a head start on the day, allow you to relax into your work day and feel far more prepared than if you were to sleep in till 8.

Invest in your team

Nobody likes a micromanager, and falling into micromanaging habits can be hugely detrimental to your team. But as long as you don’t trust in your team, you’ll keep falling into the same patterns and (despite your good intentions) inevitably clip their wings. Moreover, you’ll be more reticent to take time off and set yourself on a course for entrepreneurial burnout.

Invest in your team, give them training, development and responsibilities. Share and celebrate their accomplishments. You’ll be amazed at what they’re capable of if take a leap of faith in them.

Learn to prioritise

Your workload can be crippling on some days, and you benefit nobody when you try and take on the world alone. Learn to prioritise your workload and know where to delegate and your working days will be more fulfilling and far less frustrating.

Underestimate nothing and nobody

At a time of access, it’s easy to underestimate our assets and take us for granted. But a great leader underestimates nothing and nobody. They don’t take their software for granted. They take the time to learn how it works. They have respect for the little things. Even something as quotidian as wooden pallets can be a source of wonder- just take a look at this guide all about wooden pallets. The same goes for your team. Anyone at any level might just carry the idea that could take your business to the next level in their heads, which is why your team should always have a forum within which they can voice their ideas.

Be Grateful

Finally, gratitude is not just important for entrepreneurs but for everyone. Because it’s only when we’re grateful for what we have that we value it and celebrate our achievements rather than dismissing them and moving on to our next lofty goal.