5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Business Premises

According to the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, small businesses in the UK constitute about 99.3% of the total business population. The business competition is tough, so attracting and retaining customers is a top priority for all small businesses. Luckily, you can achieve this by making your business premises more welcoming and attractive to clients. If you wish to learn more about enhancing your company’s premises, please consider these tips.

Plan Your Space Properly

Your office environment’s design is perhaps the most crucial determiner of its overall look. Consequently, put enough effort into planning your space for optimum results. To begin with, you can ditch open floor plans since repeated studies have shown that they negatively impact staff due to increased distractions and noise pollution. Instead, use wall partitions or design-glazed office spaces to reduce distractions like noise and traffic. In addition, pick your furniture choices and colour pallets carefully, ensuring that they represent your brand well. 

Improve Your Landscaping

It is no secret that any grounds can be more welcoming if you properly maintain them. As such, strive to improve your premises’ exterior appeal. Fortunately, you can explore countless ideas to boost your landscaping for the best results. For instance, you can opt for unusual specimen plants or invest in attractive water features to make passers-by stop and stare. Furthermore, you can improve the state of your lawns, driveways, pathways, and flower beds by investing in elegant steel lawn edging, delineating different areas of your landscape while making it easier to maintain for several years.


Studies indicate that the average worker wastes nearly 4.3 hours weekly searching for papers. This time-wasting worsens workplace stress and frustration while lowering concentration and creative thinking. Also, cluttered office space can be a massive turnoff to clients when they drop by. Office spaces can quickly get cluttered because employees get careless or too busy to return items to where they belong. Consequently, declutter your office space about two or three times yearly to ensure that your working environment is organised and tidy. This way, you can boost employee productivity and make a good impression on clients who stop by.

Review Your Signage

Having the right signs on your premises is convenient for all workers and customers who occasionally visit you. Signage ensures that people don’t get lost trying to find essential areas. Therefore, take a critical look around your business premises for missing or outdated signage, particularly if it was redecorated recently.

Introduce Some Greenery

Placing plants and flowers at vantage points throughout the office is an excellent idea worth considering for various reasons. First of all, greenery in the workplace enhances air circulation, improving employees’ health and concentration. In addition, office greenery and workplace productivity and happiness are heavily linked due to the appreciation for nature, so investing in indoor plants can make your workers happier. Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Peace Lilies, and the Chinese Money Plant are some excellent indoor greenery options you can consider to improve your business premises.