5 of the Hottest Business Ideas for 2021

The employment market is looking a bit worse for wear after the pandemic but people are hungry to make their own money. 2021 is proving to be the time to take the leap of faith and finally start up your own business. But where do you start? Here are some of the biggest business trends that we are seeing in 2021 and beyond.

Affiliate Marketing

You may have noticed the links appearing in Instagram posts or Facebook and wondered what they are. Affiliate marketing has been on the rise for the last few years and people are loving the results. The concept is simple: you recommend a product, leave a link in a social media post or blog post, and when people click through and buy something using your link, you get a share of the sale. There is a good chance that you recommend products to friends and family anyway, so why not get paid for doing it?

The IT Crowd

Unfortunately, we aren’t talking about getting paid for being an It guy or gal. IT or tech support is a booming online business that is becoming more necessary as the years go on. More businesses are going online, and more people are launching online businesses. This means that more people need tech support, especially if they only have basic knowledge of how the internet works. Creating your own IT firm may not sound glamorous but it will never be short of clients.


This could be considered in the same wheelhouse as tech support, but the main difference is that a consultant can be anything and work in any industry. If you have the knowledge that can allow you to provide your services, setting up your own consultant firm may be the answer to a lot of peoples prayers. Expert opinions are required every day for every business. It is finding the consultant that can be the issue. Put yourself at the forefront with your own group of consultants that can help people out.

Franchise Market

What was once seen as an 80’s trend has come back around with a bang! Franchises are gaining traction as people discover the security of having a name behind you but the freedom to be your own boss. Thousands of companies are available to buy on Franchise Direct meaning you don’t have to look hard to find your perfect partnership. It is considered one of the most profitable ways to have a small business and have plenty of room to grow.


Blogging used to be the go-to for creative outlets, but now the world is turning to podcasts. Podcasts give the creative freedom of blogging while giving their listeners the freedom to listen whenever they want. And like blogging, you can have it on whatever subject you want. Even former presidents are getting in on the action. If you think that people won’t like your voice, try it anyway because you never know how people will react to what you are saying.