5 of the Best Open Source Software for Digital Creativity

Creative software can be expensive. But open-source software for digital creativity is just as powerful as popular brands and free! Here are some of the best available.

OpenShot Video Editor 

OpenShot is among the best video editors available. Free or paid. The powerful interface means you can learn all the skills necessary for video production like the professionals at Two Giraffes (https://www.twogiraffes.com.au) at no cost. Features like frame editing, compression, and keyframing are industry standards. Using OpenShot will prepare you for a career in editing. OpenShot’s features are as abundant as top editing software like Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere, making it an excellent choice for beginners and budding professionals.

The GIMP Image Editor

If you’ve ever done any kind of image editing, you will have heard of Adobe Photoshop. But Photoshop is expensive, especially for a startup or a student. The GIMP Editor is by far the top choice for anyone on a budget. It offers almost every feature of top-level programs, such as drawing, compression, and format switching. Additionally, it is programmed efficiently, making it less resource-intensive than some of the more prominent brands that require more powerful PCs with each upgrade. GIMP is available for free for Windows, Linux, and macOS. 

Try Audacity Open Source Software for Digital Creativity

Like imaging, music production software is costly. Cubase is a great example. However, there is numerous free software available. One of the best open-source music software for your Mac or PC available is Audacity. Audacity offers similar features to top brands, such as music recording, sample arrangement, and mixing/mastering. The tool is excellent for quick arrangements and provides a speedy interface. With 60,000 music uploaded to Spotify per day, you need something good enough when starting out. And you can’t go wrong with Audacity.

Blender for 3D Modeling

There are many reasons you might want to get into 3D Modeling. Popular uses include video game development, architecture visualization, and computer-aided manufacturing. However, some top software like 3DS Max and AutoCAD are pretty expensive. As a home developer or student, they are out of reach. Fortunately, Blender sits among the most powerful modeling software, and is used by video game modders extensively. Blender offers features such as vertex and polygon manipulation in 3D space, which make it useful for low-poly game rendering.

CryEngine Video Game Engine with VR Support

Further to video game modeling, you might want to improve your game development experience. And there’s no better way than learning how game engines work. However, many top game engines are closed to industry outsiders. Except for a select few. CryEngine from renowned developers CryTek (Far Cry, Crysis) is available open-source and free. Game engines allow you to fully realize your vision and bring your game to life. As a bonus, CryEngine also supports virtual reality, so you can get cracking on the future of video game technology.


As a creative person, you need the right software. However, many top brands are too expensive. Open source is free and includes OpenShot, GIMP, and Blender.