5 Effective Ways to Generate Repeat Business

Attracting interest in your brand is essential, but the most valuable customers are those who bring you repeat business. It’s worth investing in keeping customers loyal as this will bring you more profits in the long-term. There are several strategies you can use to ensure existing satisfied customers come back. You can entice them with offers, boost your profile, or even get involved in the local community. It’s also essential to provide an excellent service from the start. Here are a few effective ways to generate repeat business.

Provide an excellent service

If you want repeat business you’ve got to get it right the first time. This means making an effort to offer a personalized service including adequate after-sales support. Many businesses focus on drawing customers in, but it’s also important to take feedback after a sale and to find ways to show your appreciation. This will make your customers feel valued and they’ll form a closer connection with your brand. They’ll also be more likely to recommend you to a friend.

Discounts and offers

You could incentivize your customers to come back with discounts and offers or a loyalty program. Keep their contact details and run a targeted email marketing campaign. It’s essential to make this as personalized as possible. You could email your existing customers with offers on products that are relevant to them, for instance. You can also use email marketing to get referrals. Offer a voucher in exchange for recommending your business. Here are a few more email marketing tips.

Showcase something new

Entice your existing customers by showcasing something new. This could be your latest product launch or even new methods, techniques or equipment you’re using to make your products or services even better. For example, if you run a home catering business you could show off new kitchen equipment with antimicrobial coating or the latest technology relating to your field. You could even sell your latest offer as “limited” or only for repeat customers. People will be attracted by the idea of something new, especially if it seems more exclusive.

Tailored retargeting campaigns

You can create retargeting campaigns so that your customers will get alerts according to their personal preferences. Retargeting needs to be as tailored as possible. You can use Facebook ads to do this, for example. You can set specific filters down to the last detail to ensure you reach out to the right customers with the right products. Here is a guide to creating retargeting alerts on Facebook with more information.

Get involved in the local community
It’s all about boosting your profile. If you want good word of mouth to spread you can also target local consumers and get involved in the community. You could collaborate with other local businesses or take part in events. This will increase your exposure and your existing customers will recognize your brand. The more you boost brand awareness the more repeat business you’ll get and you’ll hopefully draw in some new customers as well.