4 Little Things That Make a Big Difference To Your Business’ COVID Safety

Your business has been dealt a staggering blow by COVID-19. Sales are down, consumer confidence is at its lowest since 2008, and you’re struggling to maintain a healthy cash flow, drive sales and try to get things back on an even keel. But as scared, frustrated and apprehensive as you are, your customers are struggling too! They’re looking to you for hope and reassurance. They want you to make them feel safe, to reassure them, and to help them feel like there’s a chance that things might someday get back to normal.

But if your customers are to place their trust in you, you need to make them feel safe. And while you may think of all the huge logistical changes and investments that you’ll need to make to create an infrastructure for safety, sometimes the most effective tools are the smallest. Here we’ll look at 4 little things that could make a big difference to your business’ COVID-19 safety provision…

A proactive approach to marketing

Your marketing shouldn’t dance around the issue of COVID. In fact, it should embrace it as the opportunity it is. Tell your customers how hard you and your team are working to keep them safe. Let them know how often you’re cleaning countertops and door handles. Show them that employees are well equipped with PPE and that they won’t be found wearing their masks around their necks (a phenomenon we’ve all seen way too much of). Use your social media presence and content marketing to show your customers how seriously you take their safety and wellbeing. 

Track and trace

Something as simple as asking customers to sign their names on a sheet of paper upon entering your premises can save lives. Which is why it’s essential for businesses in the service industry. But even if it’s not mandatory in your chosen field, if you expect that people will remove face coverings under your roof, track and trace is a good idea. 

You should also ensure that employees undergo regular temperature checks and are able to take time off work if they are unwell without needing to worry about being impoverished. As tenuous as your cash flow may be, this is not the time to leave employees without sick pay.

Contactless payments

While the law doesn’t prohibit the handling of cash at the moment, most business owners and customers alike prefer to use credit or debit cards. But even something as benign as entering a PIN number can be a point of vulnerability at the moment. So you should ensure that customers have the facilities to make contactless payments. You don’t even need to buy a new card reader. You can simply get a payment app for your phone. So your customers know that they can shop securely with you in a way that’s safe and convenient. 

Proper employee training

Finally, employee training has always been the key to success in business. And it’s up to you to make sure they’re trained to uphold and enforce safety measures designed to protect everyone. This includes knowing how to deal with customers who get irate at the prospect of having to wear a face covering. They say that the customer is always right… but in this instance, you need to clamp down on non-compliance, as this can be as infectious as COVID-19!