4 Best Payment Methods for Your Online Business

As a business owner, to make your e-commerce website fully functional, you must be well-equipped to accept payments from your customers. Otherwise, how would your online business operate? Studies reveal that 36% of the world’s population prefer to make electronic payments via eWallets. And with this ongoing pandemic, expect to see a hike in electronic payment methods, as many people opt to shop from their homes. There are tons of online payment services out there, but the information available here would cover the most popular ones that your customers are more likely to use.

  1. Paypal 

At the very least, you might have heard of Paypal, whether from other online businesses or from the people that you know. Currently, there are about 346 million Paypal users globally, a figure jumping by 69 million from 2019. It is no wonder since Paypal is a highly reputable service known best for its ease of use, reliability, and security. For these reasons alone, you should consider putting Paypal on your website else you would miss out on a sizable available market of people ready to pay. 

  1. Apple Pay

Apple has one of the most significant shares in the United States alone, so you will most likely find every five out of ten Americans having at least one Apple device. Apple Pay is an online wallet service for iOS users; it is very simple to set up, and once users have uploaded their details, they can start making payments with just a button click. You should strongly consider adding Apple Pay to your payment methods because it comes from a trusted brand and supports both online and brick and mortar payments. Most importantly, unlike other payment methods, Apple does not charge extra fees whenever you make a transaction.

  1. Stripe

Stripe is one of the most versatile online payment methods. Therefore, if your business offers several services, it is one of the top payment options to consider. Another excellent feature of this electronic payment method is that it allows you to set up recurring payments from your clients. Furthermore, you can customize your website’s checkout process by using the Stripe user interface toolkit. Stripe accepts most major debit and credit cards from several countries, including Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay, and American Express. 

  1. Google Pay

Google Pay is designed for e-commerce sites, paying for mobile apps, as well as in-person checkouts. Major companies like Airbnb have added this payment service to their checkout already. It is fairly new (about two years old) but is quickly gathering momentum with users. Google Pay is also easy to set up on your website’s payment platform and can be integrated with other payment methods like Stripe. 

Your e-commerce website is useless and pointless without a payment method. Customers would not be able to purchase your products or services, and you will not earn money. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide a diverse e-payment method to help you reach a wider audience. You can also decide to consult with professionals to develop and set up an effective payment system for your website.